"The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched-they must be felt with the heart." Hellen Keller

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Geriatric Life!

It is official! I am old! It sucks! I really don't know when it happened but it happened. It felt like it was overnight. I took Kory, his friend and my nephew to a concert last night. It was the most awful music I have ever heard. Reason number one that I felt old. I couldn't understand one single word the band sang, not one. They literally screamed in a deep voice over and over. I dressed up like I was a generally "cool" mom...Rolling Stones shirt, converse sneakers....yea, I was rocking it. Did you know when you become old, you also become invisible? Which I will say makes it much easier to stare at the strange-looking "whipper-snappers". Since they don't notice me, they also don't notice my jaw hanging open in sheer shock. Did I tell you, I am old! I think I was probably the oldest person there, except for maybe the security. I sat on a bench and played on my phone (which is a cheap piece of crap by the way) for 6 hours. I think I have splinters in my butt. Kory's friends called me "Maam", until I asked them not too. Anytime they said anything "racy" they would look at me to see if I "approved". I am old! Althought after watching a few drunk people being drug out of the concert and one person puke in front of me for a full three minutes, I think I liked being old. Did I mention that I yawned 372 times? Quite a night! We didn't get home until midnight and Bryson promptly woke up at 5am to tell me stories. I put him in my bed and he talked and babbled for an hour. I told him perhaps we should call "Dada" and tell him these interesting stories. He seemed just fine sharing them with me. Today, I am soooo tired! I am old! It made me feel better that Kory was really tired today too. Gotta go, Metamucil is kicking in! Just kidding! :)I am going to post video of this band so you can see the torture that is my geriatric life!

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