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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Look at this boy go! Ok I just got a phone call and I had to tell you all the great news. Okay, so when Bryson came home he was 5 months old, give or take. He was, physically, at a very low level. He was at a zero, or 2-3 months at the most in a few areas but very behind. So we really have been working with him, especially my mom and I am soooo proud to say that the physical therapist called and said that he has been "released"! She said he is now (after being home for 3 months) at a 6-7 month level. He is 8 months so he is barely lagging at all and she said that by the time he is one he won't be behind at all. He made up for 6-7 months in three short months! What a champ! I guess now I can forgive him for the "dada" comment! She is going to come back in August just to check on him but other than that no more physical therapy! I am soooo glad for that! I just feel like he has come so far. Big thanks to my mom because she works tirelessly with him. I think with the boys being home this summer he will move even more because he wants to do what they are doing. He is still my ROCKSTAR!!!!!!

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  1. Oh Amy, I am so glad to hear that he is caught up on his physical therapy. He is such a little fighter. What good news to be able to share with everyone. Even if he does think he is a dada's boy!!!!

    Lots of Love and Hugs,
    Crystal Clayton