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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He said WHAT????

Yesterday was a crappy day! Just all around crappy but nothing that a little chocolate cake and baby love couldn't fix, right? So that is what I did, in that order. I devoured way to much cake! UGGGHH! and then zeroed in on the baby love, cuddling and kissing and tickling. That always works wonders! So admist all the baby love....it happened....he said it! He said....DRUM ROLL PLEASE....he said "Dada"! Really????? Dada?????? I have allowed him to puke on me, poop on me (I guess allowed isnt'the right word but still). I put in his ng tube, which sustains him. I get up early in the morning with him. I buy him clothes, toys, diapers, formula, food and he says "Dada!" The kid is on my list! If he hadn't been so freaking cute when he said it I would have put him straight to bed! The funny part is I was videoing him on my phone so I could send it, not even dreaming that he would say that. He is testing me, that is all there is to it. I sent the video to Mark with the headline, "This is crap!" Needless to say he thought it was very funny and his head was swollen to unimaginable levels! I am going to try to post the video so that you can see this complete and total disloyalty! The funny thing is that my mom and Riley said he did it during the day too but they didn't tell me. Maybe that would have softened the blow! I told you he was a turd. His middle name was Tucker, I am changing it to turd. I better be next on his list of names but I bet you money he says "Bubba". I guess we better be getting ready for summer because it is coming! It will be interesting having all the kids at home together all day. Riley is already out and so far he is loving it. He still loves his brother but the newness of it all has worn off. He had his best friend Kaden over recently and Kaden LOVES the baby (who doesn't, right?) but Bryson started crying and fussing and Kaden jumps up and says, "Let's take care of the baby, he is crying." Riley, without even flinching, eating a popsicle says flatly, "he is fine!" The love is gone! However on Sunday when Bryson was trying to literally suck the life out of me. Which, by the way, makes no sense, he can't stand for me not to be near him and he says "dada!". Anyway, I asked Riley to watch him while I showered and afterwards I walk in the living room and he is fussing. Riley is sitting next to him and he says, "he is hurt, he is crying bad, something is wrong." I tell him, "watch this!" I pick up Bryson and it shuts off immediately. I said, "see!" Riley laughs and Bryson looks at me like, "what?" I may not be blogging much now because I am going to be spending a lot of time brainwashing Bryson into saying, "mama"! Until next time......

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