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Friday, May 21, 2010

Where Did These Kids Come From?

Yesterday was Riley's ninth birthday. He had a great birthday full of gifts and well wishes. For his birthday dinner he picked "The Olive Garden". Secretly, I was so very happy he picked that and not Chuck E. Cheese! We had a great dinner and Bryson got tons of attention from everyone. I have finally gotten over the stares because I realized that if I had never seen a feeding tube before I would probably take a second look too. Everyone means well! People tend to touch him too. I have heard that there is this thing where if people stare at a baby too long and don't touch it, they curse the baby. Strange, right? I don't mind, I think it is sweet! Lately I have met so many people that ask about Bryson and comment that they know someone who lost their baby. There was a gentleman yesterday who was so enamored with Bryson and he said that almost a year ago to the day he lost his granddaughter to a rare disease when she was just 3 days old. He said that her parents donated parts of her heart to help save other babies. He said it made his heart glow to see someone who survived. Bryson is such a light to so many people and he is so oblivious to it all. He just smiles and eats his feet! Even the waiter last night picked him up and gave him kisses. It makes me feel so good to take him out and share his testimony with the world. The other children, however, Oh my goodness, I swear they get more embarassing everyday. Kory smacked at dinner and he ate salmon and I swear he smelled just like our cat. UGH! Riley ran through Toys R Us like a wild man and Kory proceeded to put on an Iron Man mask and pretend to send rays of power through the store at people. Do you think maybe towards the bottom of our gene pool the dna was better and Bryson got the best part??? Just kidding? I love it that Kory is so silly. We have the best time together. Oh and I rode the electric scooter yesterday too, I was looking pretty darn cool! I think me and Kory are going to get one to share! I am working on finding the stupid cable to my camera so I can post pictures. I took a ton last night so stay tuned!

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  1. Amy
    This blog is just a stepping stone to writing a book on just how amazing all THREE of your sons are. Thank goodness they are so different and yet oh soooooooooo special.

    Gig 'em AGGIES!!