"The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched-they must be felt with the heart." Hellen Keller

Sunday, March 3, 2013

hey there

Well so much for keeping up with my blog. We have been really busy but very happy with our move so far. The kids really love it here and we have had lot of friends and family come to visit so we have enjoyed that very much. Kory has a serious girlfriend whom I LOVE. Riley has lots of friends who are in the neighborhood and fill the house with laughter and Bryson is just goofy and funny as can be. The poor kid is dying to have a baby. LOL! He constantly begs me for one. Even today we went to eat and he spotted every baby in the place and even insisted we stop and talk to one. So I politely asked if we could see the baby and he reached out his hand and got really close to her and she touched his face. It was so cute and he was soooooo excited about it. I told him he was gonna have to settle for a puppy cause we were not gonna be getting any babies. I wish I knew someone who had a baby that I could "borrow". He has even said he will feed it and play with it....but no diaper changes. I am also happy to report that Bryson is officially potty trained. SOOOOOOO glad for that! Whew! In April we will be attending the Childrens Medical Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Picnic. This is the picnic I mentioned before where we will get the opportunity to meet back up with former nurses and doctors that were part of Bryson's recovery. I am so very excited! It has a superhero theme and so he is going to be wearing his cape. We plan on taking some donations up to the floor. I just can't go there and not take something. So many people did so much for us. I have tried to take donations to the hospitals in our area but honestly they don't even act like they need them. I even tried to volunteer my time and no one will even call me back. Guess it just isn't meant to be. I did decided I am going to start actively looking for a job this summer, something in the school district (maybe teaching) so I can have all the same days as my kids. Bryson is signed up for Mother's Day Out and starts in late August. He is so excited about getting to be around other kids. He is getting big way too fast....they all are!!!!!!! Until next time!!!!!!!