"The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched-they must be felt with the heart." Hellen Keller

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can't believe it has been almost an entire month since I blogged! I sometimes think about shutting down the blog because I am not sure that anyone really reads it. But then I realize that I am so bad about taking pictures and remembering certain details of things that I am glad I keep my blog so that I have a record. Life is so busy, it is hard to remember every, amazing detail. Ok, so let's start off with some exciting news.... Drum Roll Please!................. Can anyone guess what this is???
It is my CLASSROOM! Yah! I got a job teaching kinder! I am so very, very excited! It is nearly all I can think about! Then, occasionally, the fear creeps in and I think, "WAHHHH! I'm gonna be a teacher! WAHHH!" Seriously, I am beyond excited! Now let me tell you about our amazing trip to Dallas! Daddy couldn't come because he was out of town so it was me and my mom and the three smelly boys. They had the best time! I don't believe I have ever eaten so much in my life. I thought to myself, isn't it funny that when you are young your trips revolve around partying or doing crazy things (i.e. roller coasters and concerts and bungee jumping) but once you hit a certain age, or a certain number of children, your trips revolve around EATING. We are definitely at that stage in our lives. LOL! We drove halfway on Thursday night since we didn't want to have to get up SO early on Friday to get to Dallas and we ate at a restaurant in Abilene's called "Belle's Chicken" Oh my goodness, best food I have EVER eaten. I tell people if I am ever stuck on death row, for my last meal, I'm ordering food from Belle's. Homemade fried chicken, homemade yeast rolls, green beans, corn, gravy, potatoes...all served cafeteria style. SO GOOD!!! We drove straight to Children's on Friday and took Bryson to see the train. He loved it!
It was so strange to be a true VISITOR. When we came in they asked us a TON of questions about our health and we had to bathe in hand sanitizer and we were only allowed to go to the train. So strange! I feel like we once had the run of the place. Everyone showed up and they were so happy to see Bryson. He, on the other hand, could not have cared less and didn't understand why people kept kissing and hugging him and taking pictures with him but he was very good and cooperated. I have to say, I am so blessed that he remembers not one thing from Children's or his time there. Seriously, what an incredible blessing! We handed over the check and took pictures and visited. It was short but very sweet! It felt so good to be able to give the money to them. I would give them everything I had if I could. I really wish that I lived there and could volunteer, it is just such an amazing hospital...full of amazing people!
I can't wait to see them all again in the Spring for the picnic!!! Then we headed to Great Wolf Lodge. I love this place but will not stay there on a weekend again. SO BUSY! Friday was much, much better than Saturday. Bryson loved the lobby. It does have a really nice "feel" and lots to look at. He would trot around like he owned the place. He went on and on about how he wanted to go into the waterpark and he lasted a whole........40 minutes. LOL! It was just an overload of the senses and too much water being sprayed and dumped on the head. He doesn't mind being wet but doesn't like water on his head so much. I think he will enjoy it much more next year. Riley LOVED IT! Kory....not so much but he put on a happy face for Riley. He is 16 so I expect it! We played for a while and had a nice dinner at Great Wolf's restaurant.
The next day we swam even more and then we headed out to have some more excitement. We had one heck of a crab feast and it was soooooo good!
We came upon the Grapevine Festival and it was sooo much fun! We didn't have a stroller but it turned out ok because Bryson just ran around and then when we were done he passed SMOOTH out.
Poor kid! But he had so much fun! We all did. We will FOR SURE be going back there!
Saturday night we met with family we haven't seen in FOREVER and had the best time. Bryson has a cousin that is just almost the same age as him, her name is Anzley. They had the biggest time playing and chasing each other. He was so excited to have someone to play with. It amazes me (but I'm not sure why) how much he LOVES to play with other kids. I guess because I don't see him do it a lot but I just don't remember my other kids loving it so much. Probably because they were forced to do it from birth on because of daycare. Anyway, it was such a great time! Here they are together.
The next day was Riley's 11th birthday. He and I got up early and tried to beat the rush to the pool to play for a little while. It was a lot of fun because it was just me and him...we don't get that often enough. I wish I could devote alone time to each child equally and to my hubby as well but that sure doesn't work out that way! Then, guess what we did.....you guessed it....we ate! We pigged out on wings at a place right near TCU. it was sooooooo good!!!!
I had to laugh because, of course, Riley dumped chicken wings in his lap. And, his shorts were on inside out. This kid is always a hot mess! I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have to remind him to zip his fly EVERY SINGLE MORNING! Anyway, here he is all a mess and we find a bakery to get birthday cupcakes and wouldn't you know it is super fancy, full of super fancy people. And then there is me, in my hat and sunglasses, no makeup, no nothing...and Riley with chicken wing sauce on various parts of his face and splattered all over his inside-out shorts. We are a motley crue! I never deny that! But seriously we had the best weekend! So much fun! I can't wait for more trips. I plan on really enjoying the next few months. I work at my current job until the very end of June, and then in July a short vacation and I start training and decorating my classroom. It will be crunch time and I know my nervousness and anxiety level will be high so I am trying my very best to enjoy right now! Will post more pictures soon. We have a river vacation, a beach vacation and a lake vacation coming up. As you can see, we like water! The truth is we relax more in those situations. We have done plenty of the "OMG, gotta fit it all in vacation!" and we come home exhausted. Vacations are meant to provide relaxation and that is our focus this year! God knows we deserve it! :) Yall have a great summer.....see ya soon!