"The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched-they must be felt with the heart." Hellen Keller

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Geriatric Life!

It is official! I am old! It sucks! I really don't know when it happened but it happened. It felt like it was overnight. I took Kory, his friend and my nephew to a concert last night. It was the most awful music I have ever heard. Reason number one that I felt old. I couldn't understand one single word the band sang, not one. They literally screamed in a deep voice over and over. I dressed up like I was a generally "cool" mom...Rolling Stones shirt, converse sneakers....yea, I was rocking it. Did you know when you become old, you also become invisible? Which I will say makes it much easier to stare at the strange-looking "whipper-snappers". Since they don't notice me, they also don't notice my jaw hanging open in sheer shock. Did I tell you, I am old! I think I was probably the oldest person there, except for maybe the security. I sat on a bench and played on my phone (which is a cheap piece of crap by the way) for 6 hours. I think I have splinters in my butt. Kory's friends called me "Maam", until I asked them not too. Anytime they said anything "racy" they would look at me to see if I "approved". I am old! Althought after watching a few drunk people being drug out of the concert and one person puke in front of me for a full three minutes, I think I liked being old. Did I mention that I yawned 372 times? Quite a night! We didn't get home until midnight and Bryson promptly woke up at 5am to tell me stories. I put him in my bed and he talked and babbled for an hour. I told him perhaps we should call "Dada" and tell him these interesting stories. He seemed just fine sharing them with me. Today, I am soooo tired! I am old! It made me feel better that Kory was really tired today too. Gotta go, Metamucil is kicking in! Just kidding! :)I am going to post video of this band so you can see the torture that is my geriatric life!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Look at this boy go! Ok I just got a phone call and I had to tell you all the great news. Okay, so when Bryson came home he was 5 months old, give or take. He was, physically, at a very low level. He was at a zero, or 2-3 months at the most in a few areas but very behind. So we really have been working with him, especially my mom and I am soooo proud to say that the physical therapist called and said that he has been "released"! She said he is now (after being home for 3 months) at a 6-7 month level. He is 8 months so he is barely lagging at all and she said that by the time he is one he won't be behind at all. He made up for 6-7 months in three short months! What a champ! I guess now I can forgive him for the "dada" comment! She is going to come back in August just to check on him but other than that no more physical therapy! I am soooo glad for that! I just feel like he has come so far. Big thanks to my mom because she works tirelessly with him. I think with the boys being home this summer he will move even more because he wants to do what they are doing. He is still my ROCKSTAR!!!!!!

He said WHAT????

Yesterday was a crappy day! Just all around crappy but nothing that a little chocolate cake and baby love couldn't fix, right? So that is what I did, in that order. I devoured way to much cake! UGGGHH! and then zeroed in on the baby love, cuddling and kissing and tickling. That always works wonders! So admist all the baby love....it happened....he said it! He said....DRUM ROLL PLEASE....he said "Dada"! Really????? Dada?????? I have allowed him to puke on me, poop on me (I guess allowed isnt'the right word but still). I put in his ng tube, which sustains him. I get up early in the morning with him. I buy him clothes, toys, diapers, formula, food and he says "Dada!" The kid is on my list! If he hadn't been so freaking cute when he said it I would have put him straight to bed! The funny part is I was videoing him on my phone so I could send it, not even dreaming that he would say that. He is testing me, that is all there is to it. I sent the video to Mark with the headline, "This is crap!" Needless to say he thought it was very funny and his head was swollen to unimaginable levels! I am going to try to post the video so that you can see this complete and total disloyalty! The funny thing is that my mom and Riley said he did it during the day too but they didn't tell me. Maybe that would have softened the blow! I told you he was a turd. His middle name was Tucker, I am changing it to turd. I better be next on his list of names but I bet you money he says "Bubba". I guess we better be getting ready for summer because it is coming! It will be interesting having all the kids at home together all day. Riley is already out and so far he is loving it. He still loves his brother but the newness of it all has worn off. He had his best friend Kaden over recently and Kaden LOVES the baby (who doesn't, right?) but Bryson started crying and fussing and Kaden jumps up and says, "Let's take care of the baby, he is crying." Riley, without even flinching, eating a popsicle says flatly, "he is fine!" The love is gone! However on Sunday when Bryson was trying to literally suck the life out of me. Which, by the way, makes no sense, he can't stand for me not to be near him and he says "dada!". Anyway, I asked Riley to watch him while I showered and afterwards I walk in the living room and he is fussing. Riley is sitting next to him and he says, "he is hurt, he is crying bad, something is wrong." I tell him, "watch this!" I pick up Bryson and it shuts off immediately. I said, "see!" Riley laughs and Bryson looks at me like, "what?" I may not be blogging much now because I am going to be spending a lot of time brainwashing Bryson into saying, "mama"! Until next time......

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eat My Feet

As you can see I have figured out how to get the pictures on my blog. I am NOT a good picture taker, I never carry a camera anywhere and now I am taking all these picures of the kids and they are looking at me like I am crazy! It was such a busy weekend but a good one. I had to work Friday night but I did get the chance to go out and eat with my mom and Bryson and Kory and his friend, Caleb. As you can see from the picture we enjoyed eating a nice dinner and Bryson enjoyed eating his feet. They stink but must be scrumptious! He was so excited to be out. Every time someone walked by he would wave his arms like a wild bird and just grin! Kory had two friends stay the night and they stayed up all night. I couldn't stay up all night now if you paid me! Riley slept over at a friends and so Bryson slept with me. We both slept like rocks! He sleeps until almost 10 on the weekends. How could I NOT love the kid for that reason alone!!!! That ROCKS! On Saturday Riley stayed at his friends all day and Kory went to play naked air soft guns with his friends. Why could I not have had girls??? Air soft pellets are HARD, they are not quite bb guns but they can draw blood. They did wear pants but no shirts. They called me to come pick them up and this is the scene. Kory and his friends (who had not slept all night and looked like HELL) with a shopping basket full of air soft guns. They needed a ride home because it was too hot to walk home and so they put the shopping cart full of guns in the back of my car. Did I mention Kory was painted blue and purple? Seriously! We went to a baby shower that night and home to chill. So tired! I took a picture of our Sunday morning. Kory was still asleep, Bryson in the high chair and Riley is laid across the bar in the kitchen watching cartoons with Bryson. At least they feel at home, right? Sunday we were off to my niece's graduation party. Bryson insisted I hold him the entire time. In fact, Bryson insists I hold him ALL THE TIME! He is sooooo rotten! Guess he deserves that, right? We are sure making up for lost time!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Where Did These Kids Come From?

Yesterday was Riley's ninth birthday. He had a great birthday full of gifts and well wishes. For his birthday dinner he picked "The Olive Garden". Secretly, I was so very happy he picked that and not Chuck E. Cheese! We had a great dinner and Bryson got tons of attention from everyone. I have finally gotten over the stares because I realized that if I had never seen a feeding tube before I would probably take a second look too. Everyone means well! People tend to touch him too. I have heard that there is this thing where if people stare at a baby too long and don't touch it, they curse the baby. Strange, right? I don't mind, I think it is sweet! Lately I have met so many people that ask about Bryson and comment that they know someone who lost their baby. There was a gentleman yesterday who was so enamored with Bryson and he said that almost a year ago to the day he lost his granddaughter to a rare disease when she was just 3 days old. He said that her parents donated parts of her heart to help save other babies. He said it made his heart glow to see someone who survived. Bryson is such a light to so many people and he is so oblivious to it all. He just smiles and eats his feet! Even the waiter last night picked him up and gave him kisses. It makes me feel so good to take him out and share his testimony with the world. The other children, however, Oh my goodness, I swear they get more embarassing everyday. Kory smacked at dinner and he ate salmon and I swear he smelled just like our cat. UGH! Riley ran through Toys R Us like a wild man and Kory proceeded to put on an Iron Man mask and pretend to send rays of power through the store at people. Do you think maybe towards the bottom of our gene pool the dna was better and Bryson got the best part??? Just kidding? I love it that Kory is so silly. We have the best time together. Oh and I rode the electric scooter yesterday too, I was looking pretty darn cool! I think me and Kory are going to get one to share! I am working on finding the stupid cable to my camera so I can post pictures. I took a ton last night so stay tuned!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giants on Hot Wheels and Recycled Carrots

So I decided to tell you about our night last night. There are often times when I look around the room and say to myself, "really?" Mark is still derailed in Pennsylvania and so I came home yesterday and Riley talked me into giving him his gift early...an electric scooter! He was very excited and Kory put it all together for him. We drug Bryson out front in his high chair and we had a picnic on the front porch while Riley drove by on his scooter and giggled. We giggled as he fell off and Bryson, naturally, looked at us as if we were all crazy. Moment number one where I wondered what I had gotten myself into....here I am feeding Bryson carrots, all the while not realizing that his feedng tube was open and so his stomach contents were leaking out into his seat. Lovely! I look over and Riley is zooming by on his scooter and here comes Kory....all 200 pounds of him, on Riley's Hot Wheel. He is wearing an AC/DC shirt with the sleeves cut off and a smile that just won't quit. He was so very proud of himself. Don't even ask me how he fit on that Hot Wheel but mind you he was also pedaling and MOVING, yes moving, quite quickly actually. I often times wonder if the neighbors look out their windows and say to themselves, "Are these people for real???" So then we watch a scary movie, B goes to bed and all is well. It is the usual, Riley plays Legoes, Kory plays guitar and I color. Yes, I like to color, it is relaxing...don't laugh. We finally get ready for bed at 10:30 and I go check on B and guess what, he is awake and ready to party. Kory WAS going to sleep in his bed but then he found out that he was talking in his sleep two nights ago and now he is totally freaked out so he is in the bed too. So there in the bed are the three boys, myself and two cats. This is the second time I looked around the room and thought, "really?" So we drifted off to sleep, dreaming of giants on hot wheels and recycled carrots!

The Big Bad World of Blogging

So, here I am trying out this new thing...blogging. It isn't new to many of you I am sure, but it is to me. It isn't new in the aspect of reading, I love reading blogs, but it is new in the aspect of creating a blog. It isn't easy but, so far so good. Sooooo, I am creating this blog for a variety of reasons, many of which probably don't hold much merit so I will give you short version. I love to write! I love to tell stories about my kids, and the material they provide is ENDLESS! They are literally the funniest people I know. It seems that daily there is some small story that I share with someone. I thought it might be fun to share it with everyone. This all started with Bryson's sickness and me typing on caring bridge and now I feel like since Bryson isn't really sick anymore that I need an new avenue in which to share my life. So, if you get bored and want to read, please do because I want to share these lovely children with the world!!! Oh, and their dad is pretty funny too. Stay tuned!!!