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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Big Bad World of Blogging

So, here I am trying out this new thing...blogging. It isn't new to many of you I am sure, but it is to me. It isn't new in the aspect of reading, I love reading blogs, but it is new in the aspect of creating a blog. It isn't easy but, so far so good. Sooooo, I am creating this blog for a variety of reasons, many of which probably don't hold much merit so I will give you short version. I love to write! I love to tell stories about my kids, and the material they provide is ENDLESS! They are literally the funniest people I know. It seems that daily there is some small story that I share with someone. I thought it might be fun to share it with everyone. This all started with Bryson's sickness and me typing on caring bridge and now I feel like since Bryson isn't really sick anymore that I need an new avenue in which to share my life. So, if you get bored and want to read, please do because I want to share these lovely children with the world!!! Oh, and their dad is pretty funny too. Stay tuned!!!

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