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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eat My Feet

As you can see I have figured out how to get the pictures on my blog. I am NOT a good picture taker, I never carry a camera anywhere and now I am taking all these picures of the kids and they are looking at me like I am crazy! It was such a busy weekend but a good one. I had to work Friday night but I did get the chance to go out and eat with my mom and Bryson and Kory and his friend, Caleb. As you can see from the picture we enjoyed eating a nice dinner and Bryson enjoyed eating his feet. They stink but must be scrumptious! He was so excited to be out. Every time someone walked by he would wave his arms like a wild bird and just grin! Kory had two friends stay the night and they stayed up all night. I couldn't stay up all night now if you paid me! Riley slept over at a friends and so Bryson slept with me. We both slept like rocks! He sleeps until almost 10 on the weekends. How could I NOT love the kid for that reason alone!!!! That ROCKS! On Saturday Riley stayed at his friends all day and Kory went to play naked air soft guns with his friends. Why could I not have had girls??? Air soft pellets are HARD, they are not quite bb guns but they can draw blood. They did wear pants but no shirts. They called me to come pick them up and this is the scene. Kory and his friends (who had not slept all night and looked like HELL) with a shopping basket full of air soft guns. They needed a ride home because it was too hot to walk home and so they put the shopping cart full of guns in the back of my car. Did I mention Kory was painted blue and purple? Seriously! We went to a baby shower that night and home to chill. So tired! I took a picture of our Sunday morning. Kory was still asleep, Bryson in the high chair and Riley is laid across the bar in the kitchen watching cartoons with Bryson. At least they feel at home, right? Sunday we were off to my niece's graduation party. Bryson insisted I hold him the entire time. In fact, Bryson insists I hold him ALL THE TIME! He is sooooo rotten! Guess he deserves that, right? We are sure making up for lost time!

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