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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baths are good!

It has been a while my friends! I constantly think to post a blog and then LIFE kicks me in the rear and I am done! We had a really great weekend and B is doing good. We got a rare glimpse of that "dada" guy and Bryson thought that was great. In fact, he was so excited that Dada was home and the boys as well that he refused to sleep all weekend during the daytime, AT ALL! I know he was sooo tired but he was so afraid something would happen and he would miss it. He slept at night though so I can't complain too much. I had to replace his ng tube three or four times this weekend. His allergies are terrible and so he throws up snot and up comes the tube too. It is getting easier to put it in but it breaks my heart to have to do it. I have this hilarious video that I hope to post of him after a particular ng tube insertion. He gets mad for a second but if you give him the stethoscope afterwards then he is just fine. He loves that thing! He is a doctor in the making! Finally, on Monday night we put him in his jumper, which he LOVES and Mark called out to me, "Amy, is he ok?" He was all slumped over and being very still. Sure enough he was asleep. He had only been in the thing like three minutes and he was passed out cold. He fought the good fight as long as he could. On Tuesday when we all went back to work my mom called and was worried about him because he slept nearly all day. He was back to his old self last night. I guess it all caught up with him and he finally decided since there wasn't so much excitement he could allow himself to sleep. He is so goofy! He is able to sit up on his own (with a toy in front of him) for about 30 seconds at a time. Then he starts to fall over. Last night I put him in the tub in his "lay down" bath seat. He doesn't seem to like the "sit up" one. So he sees a rubber duck and he sits straight up and flies out of the bath seat, hits his noggin on the tub and never even blinked. I was sure it hurt but he didn't cry one bit. So I ended up putting him in the "sit up" seat and he had the grandest time ever. He splashed and splashed and ate the duck. It was like it was his first bath ever. I got a bath as well for all the splashing he was doing. We all had a great weekend full of bbqs and swimming. Bryson DOES NOT LIKE SWIMMING. He screams bloody murder and tries to have his feet crawl back inside of his body to get away from the water. I guess we will have to stick to baths for now!!!!

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