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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I am not even certain that anyone is reading this as it is but I like to write anyway! We had a really great vacation! We drove to Cleburne, Texas (real kickin' town!) and Mark picked up his new boat. He was giddy with excitement! We went to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Park and it was so fun! You drive through in your car and giraffes, zebras, ostriches, deer and many other animals come to your car and you get to feed them. Some large and furry animal sneezed all over Riley. It was priceless! I thought he was going to die and I thought my mom might pee herself from seeing the shock on Riley's face. Bryson liked the animals and reached out to touch them. Kory sat in the back with his headphones on. The love of silly things such as wild animals is gone for Kory! I don't think I will ever be there. I could go to the zoo literally every, single day and never get bored! We stayed a few nights there and then headed to Cedar Creek Lake. We stayed in a big house on the water with my brother and his family and we had so much fun! Thank goodness my mom (nanny) went because it was too hot to take Bryson out to do too much. He did get the opportunity to swim in the lake and sit on the dock and in Daddy's new boat. He is such an easy baby, so happy in whatever he is doing. I think he may be teething. I am beginning to think he doesn't have any teeth at all! We took him to his appointment yesterday and he will be getting circumcised on July 19th. They will have to put him under but said it wouldn't be a big deal. I have talked to other people who had their children circumcised later on in life (as babies) and they said it was really no big deal so I am hoping he does good. He is still on the feeding tube and I feel like he will be for a while. He just won't do it! He is sweet but he is stubborn too! He eats pretty good but will take literally no fluids at all. I guess all we can do is give it time......as always!!!!

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