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Monday, June 7, 2010

Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer!!!

What a wet and wild weekend it was! Sounds like Dr. Suess, right? It was about as crazy as a Dr. Seuss book. I kept my niece Carrie and nephew Morgan all weekend and then my mother-in-law and my nephew Matt came as well so we had a full house. It was so hot I swear I saw the devil running around in flip flops with a snow cone. It was utterly ridiculous how hot it was!!! We swam several times throughout the weekend thanks to my neighbor. Gotta love the neighbor's pool!!!! Bryson has seemed to hate swimming but this weekend I let him fuss a little because it was cold but then he LOVED it. He splashed and played and giggled and the other kids loved having him in the water too. It was so cute! Bryson loved having all the kids around. He just thinks that is the best thing ever. It doesn't hurt that he gets TONS of attention. Kory and Riley both got mohawks this weekend. They look super cute! Try taking out a baby with an ng tube and three boys with mohawks (nephew has one too) and boy do you get the stares. WOW! It is entertaining though! This weekend Bryson was laying in bed between Mark and I playing and talking and we were discussing how ROTTEN he is going to be. I mean EVERYONE knows and loves this kid and he couldn't get more attention from our nieces and nephews and all of our friends kids too, and he is the baby of both sides of the family. MAN, are we in some trouble!!!! Oh, and he said "mama"!!!!! YAH! No one else will admit it but I swear he did! Will post pics later!

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