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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've been working on the railroad.....

Well, it is official. I started back to work! I love my new job but I feel so guilty for leaving sweet B. The other boys are at school most of the day but sweet B is home and my mom (his wonderful nanny) said that the first day that I worked he walked around looking for me, saying, "momma? momma?" AAAWWWW! Poor baby! He is just so sweet! I think he is worried I will leave forever because he SURE has been sweet and behaved nice lately. I told my mom it was like that program "scared straight" when they take the kids to prison to see what the prisoners live like so that they fly straight and act right! LOL! Then we went out of town to our deer lease (last weekend to do it before football takes up our entire schedule) and I had to leave my sweet B again, but not for too long. Anyway, we are back and Bryson is putting on a full-fledged show for us. He is so silly!
He is so attached to his brother's and drives them all crazy! We are getting ready to celebrate Bryson's second birthday soon and I am so excited! Such a special day!
***I know it says he is two in the side bar but I just updated it before he actually turned two so I wouldn't forget. I did the same for Kory too, he turns 16 in October. It is my OCD! LOL)
Anyway, we are doing something quiet here with Spongebob cake and decorations...quite a bit more low-key than last year for sure! I told him that was a once in a lifetime thing but I think at this point he is going to be looking forward to gifts so it should be great for him!
See ya soon, gotta put a whiney baby to bed!!!!!

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