"The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched-they must be felt with the heart." Hellen Keller

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Just wanted to drop in and say Bryson's appointment went great. He weighs 26 pounds, which she said was a perfect weight. He looks kind of skinny but she said it is because he is tall for his age. He is a whole yard tall! Lol! She, as always, is amazed at how great he looks. She said you would never think that he went through all that he did! He got a flu shot (not ready for 2 year shots yet, behind a little due to his hospitalization) and he did run a little fever last night but is great today! Oh, and a funny story. My mom took Riley to the dentist for me (I couldn't because of work). Anyway, they had to fix his spacer because it broke and the dentist was forced to really hurt Riley (not on purpose but it was the only way to fix it) and he was standing over him with plier-like contraptions in his mouth and Riley was crying and yelling and fighting back (which is NOT like Riley, so it had to have been BAD!) and my mom said that Bryson ran up to the dentist and gave him his best dirty look (he lowers his eyes and looks like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining", seriously, it's creepy!) and he told the dentist "NO DO!" She said the dentist's staff was cracking up! He even rared back to hit the dentist. LOL! He LOVES his bubba! Then he patted Riley on his arm as if to tell him it was ok. That kid is so funny! Riley is fine now and looking forward to his night without football. Oh, and I have to brag...I got an e-mail (out of nowhere) from Kory's English teacher and she said she just wanted to tell me that he was a great kid and she really enjoyed him and that he was doing great in English (just like his mom!) I was really proud! My kids ROCK! :) I will admit this was stolen from another blog but it was too good not to steal! Fill in the blanks! •If I were to get pregnant again I would so totally sue my doctor (just kidding) but really, I would FREAK! •If I could have any job in the world I would want to be a veterinarian. •If I had a day to myself I would clean of course (yea, I'm sick!) and I would color and watch movies (apparently I am sick and childish) OH, and I would eat something REALLY good and fatting! •If I could get married all over again I would marry the same wonderful man but I would have a real wedding instead of getting married in the courthouse. •If I could live anywhere in the US I would live in TEXAS. I will NEVER leave TEXAS! •If any of my sons had been girls their name would have been McKenzie or Brinley or Lilah, so many cute girl names! •If I could have any talent in the world I would want to be a good dancer! I suck at dancing! •If you met me in real life, I think we would have a good time visiting! •If I could go back to school and get a different degree it would be in nursing •If money were not an object I would TRAVEL! •If I could meet one celebrity it would be Jennifer Garner (I LOVE HER!) •If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life it would Target! •If we get another pet it would be a kitten. SO sweet! •If I could go on a trip, RIGHT NOW, it would be to Hawaii! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii! •If I had to chose between a house cleaner and a personal chef, I would pick a personal chef. I like to clean and no one does it the way I like. And then maybe I would request something healthy! •If I had the option of plastic surgery I would have liposuction and a breast lift!!!! Three kids sure can wreck your body!!!!!!!!! LOL

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