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Monday, August 30, 2010

We are sooo close!

It's official! Bryson has TEETH! Yah! I was so excited that Riley got kind of jealous. He said, "you never got that excited about our new teeth!" Geez! How the heck would he remember if I did or didn't, he was a baby! Anyway, B has one on bottom and one on top (the fang!). It looks like he is going to get them all at once because you can see more coming, on top and bottom. He is so stinking cute and so stinking busy. I had TOTALLY forgotten just how hard it is to have a baby. He is wearing me plum out! He is into everything. He can crawl "normal" but he has found out that he gets everywhere faster with the half drag, half crawl move. It is strange! He is pulling up on everything too, all the way up to standing. I just can't believe we have come this far. You know, it as a just a month ago that I was really having a hard time. I just couldn't get the visions of Dallas Children's out of my head, of what Bryson went through. I had night terrors about it, it was all I ever thought of. I seriously considered some therapy, but then over the past few weeks, without me even noticing, it has dwindled so very much. I still think of it, every single day...but when I do think of it is isn't quite so traumatic. I know that the coming months, although such a victory and celebration for us, are going to be taxing on me. I know that each day I will think about what we were doing this day one year ago. I just can't help but think of it. But I hope that seeing that toothy grin everyday and being snotted and slobbered on will help to ease the pain. In fact, I know it will. Just today at lunch I got an open-mouthed kiss from B. We french kissed! So fun!
Kory is enjoying school and is still the funniest kid around. He got a facebook page and although he made fun of me about it, he is really enjoying it. Riley is......well, Riley is Riley. He is just a work in progress. He is so sweet and caring and loving and I just want to hug him....but then he forgets everything, balks and gripes at homework, is super dramatic, and on and on. He is seriously giving me gray hair! I hear about his Christmas list at least once a day. Kory too. I gave Bryson his birthday present early. I had too! He saw it and loved it and I had too! It is a little Elmo plane that you sit on and the propeller moves. He just loves it! He thinks he is big stuff on there, flying all by himself. Oh, and he is talking some. He says "raa, raa" when he sees Riley. He really only calls Riley by name. If you say "no" to him, he says it to you too. He is sooooooo rotten! And no one deserves it more!!!!!
Can you believe he will be one year old in less than three weeks!!!!!!!

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