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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fang You Very Much!

Ok...I know that it is in Bryson's nature to do things "in his own way". I am okay with that...but really....getting your FANGS in before any of your other teeth!?!??! What the heck is that?? I like Halloween as much as the next person but are we really going to have to stroll around a baby with FANGS! Seriously the kid is teething HARD CORE! He doesn't sleep, he drools like a faucet that is not turned off and is just plain crabby sometimes. He is having a rough time and I thought that it was the two bottom teeth. I think perhaps I was mistaken (happened once before in 94)it is actually his two "eye" teeth which are always tough to get in anyway. Can't wait to get pictures of this one! He is also learning to throw tantrums. And here I thought he was going to be perfect! He grunts loudly at me and tightens his whole body and then he looks at me with this "well, I told you!" look. It was cute at first....not so much anymore. It is so strange because I feel "weird" about reprimanding him, or anything like that because he was sick. Not because I feel like he is still fragile but because he was such a blessing and not supposed to be here and all so when I think about letting him "cry it out" in his crib...I just feel guilty, way more than I did with my other kids. I know I have to get over that or I am going to have a monster on my hands....one with fangs!!! :)
The boys started school today and since I was up all night I totally forgot to take their pictures but now that they are in 3rd and 9th, they really don't want me to take their pictures. I couldn't wait for them to get out today so I could ask them how the day went. I was expected some really good stuff and I get this...."it was good!" That's it! I know I used to do that to my mother too but it drives me nuts. When I want to talk they are mute and when I am busy and don't want to hear it all they talk a mile a minute!
This morning I did a video shoot at a school and I saw all the parents boo-hooing because their kindergartners are starting school. I didn't do that because my kids went to daycare from 6 weeks on and so it really wasn't a big deal, just somewhere different to spend the day. But I feel like when Bryson starts it will be hard! Not sure if it is because of his situation or because he is my last. I am just fangful that he is little now and I can enjoy him. I would enjoy him more if he slept at night, but enjoy him nonetheless. Many fangs! Hee, hee, this is so much fun!!!!

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  1. Bryson is getting cuiter every day if that is possible. His Halloween costume will be original.
    Take care and we love all of you.
    B. Massie