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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bosses and Tapeworms!

Can you believe that summer is almost OVER! I am glad, but sad too. I have enjoyed the kids being at home but I need some STRUCTURE! This "flying by the seat of our pants" is getting old. It has been a nice summer. We walk at night, I have picked up reading again, my night terrors are slowly subsiding. This morning I was thinking that things are so "normal". I truly never thought we would be there. Our lives are normal. I LOVE IT! Bryson is giving me a run for my money lately. He did so well with sleeping when he came home. I often bragged that he slept all night. I would lay him down (awake) with his woobie (yes, he has a woobie, it is a green satiny blanket and it is so cute!) and he would stick his fingers in his mouth and go to sleep, sometimes sleeping for 12 hours or more. I was so lucky! My neighbor was jealous (she has a baby too) but she said after all I had been through I at least deserved that. Well, NOT SO MUCH NOW! He has discovered the world, I mean REALLY discovered it and he is not willing to miss a thing. His day is a lot like this:
He wakes up generally once in the night, wanting to have a bottle and talk and try to stay away but I can usually get him back to sleep at some point. 6am---he is awake and ready for the day! He grins at me when I come in (melts my heart) and then he takes another bottle. He takes a walk with mom and the kids and then he has breakfast (although he is refusing to eat much by spoon lately, I think he is teething) and then the craziness begins. That kid PLAYS! He is crawling now, it isn't the prettiest crawl but he is FAST. I will try to video him so you can see. He hasn't quite gotten the legs and arms going at the same time so it is an army crawl/knee crawl thing. His arms and legs are all red and worn from dragging himself all over the carpet. He sits up ALL the time, no laying down. He stays sooooo busy! He naps for my mom, but not for me, OH NO! So you would think since a kid didn't nap all day they would go to bed fairly early. NO! 10pm comes around and I lay down with him and give him a bottle. He tries to pull my hair out and babbles non-stop. Sometimes he is even half-asleep, eyes closed and he is STILL talking. He is SOOOOO Busy! I just can't believe how far we have come! Last night I sat Bryson in the floor in his room. I have to drag him from room to room to get my stuff done. In the morning he watches me blow dry my hair from the floor! Anyway, I sat him in the floor and we went through his memory box and I showed him all his stuff from the hospital and I told him stories. I thought it would be upsetting for me but it was soooo theraputic. I showed him his stuffed heart that everyone signed, I showed him the papers that were posted on his crib about his PICC line. I showed him all the beanie babies used to keep his ventilator tube sat up correctly. He would just smile and laugh and try to grab everything. I showed him the infamous mobile that saw him through sooooo much. It was funny. He didn't look at first like he recognized it but then he saw the lion, the lion that he stared at for months and followed with his eyes. He grabbed it and looked at it like it was a long lost friend. It was very special. I can't wait to share his story with him. It is going to be an amazing life for us!!!!
I know this post is so long but I have to share Riley stories with you. That kid is so funny. Kory is funny too but I can't always repeat what he says because he is a 14 year old boy!
Riley: Mom you always gripe about your work!
Me: Well, wait until you get a job and a boss and you will complain too!
Riley: My boss right now is pretty cool!
Me: Who is your boss?
Riley: Me!

Last night it was this one:
Riley: Mom, I am worried about my worm (I know, I laughed too and was a bit disturbed but continue reading, it isn't what you think!)
Me: What? Your worm?
Riley: Yea, I think I have a tapeworm, or maybe a lot of them
Me: Why?
Riley: because I just ate a big dinner and I am still starving!
Me: You are just goign through a growth spurt
Riley: What is that?
Me: You eat and eat and grow taller
Riley: Taller? Just taller? Not wider??? Well I am going to get some food!

This kid is going to give me hell! I just know it! Kory has a sweet nature and Riley is so inquisitive and crazy and Bryson is just WOUND UP. I think he is really enjoying being a baby and being loved like crazy. I am loving it too!!!!

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