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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bring it On!!!

We had a good weekend, very busy, but good. Friday night we went to see Jeff Dunham which was great. I left the baby with my friend Jo and it was so funny because on the way Riley was asking me questions like, "mom, does Jo know how to keep babies?" "Has she ever changed a diaper?" "I feel nervous about leaving him." He sounded like a true first-time mom, which was so cute! I informed him that she had raised three boys of her own and would be fine. Bryson did great and when we came to pick him up he was sprawled across her, passed out. She was loving it! On Saturday we drove to Lubbock so Kory could trade in some guitars and we decided to go to the Science Spectrum. It was fun! It was a long day though and a long drive. Bryson did so good in the car but if we leave the house he refuses to eat or drink. I don't know what that is! I wish I could do that! So on Sunday we kind of layed around and did not much of anything. It was Mark's birthday and he was gone (as usual) so we made a birthday feast for him....and we ate it for him too. Aren't we sweet! ;) So this is the discussion Riley and I had. I thought it was worth posting, it was funny!
Riley: Mom, is there really a tooth fairy, just tell me the truth!
Me: no, there isn't!
Riley: Seriously, so all those teeth in your jewelry box are mine. (nice time to find out he was going through my stuff!)
Me: yes
Riley: Well, do you think that since YOU are the tooth fairy you could start leaving me a few more bucks!
Riley: Mom, so if there isn't a tooth fairy, is Santa real??? Tell me the truth!
Me: No, he isn't
Riley: (HUGE look of shock!) Mom, he is real, I MET HIM!
Me: Sorry, it wasn't him, we leave the gifts after you go to sleep.
Riley: hmmmmm.....(pause for a few minutes) so you not only buy the presents under the tree but you buy us the stuff in front of the chimney too?
Me: Yes
Riley: WOW, yall spend a lot of money on us....like $100 dollars (I wish that was all!)

I told both of the boys that we have to keep up the farce because of Bryson and they thought it was sooooo hilarious to get in Bryson's face every ten seconds and say, "Bryson, there is no santa!" And the new thing when one of the boys wants to irritate the other is the shout out, "hey, there is no santa!" Such lovely children! When does school start???? Oh, and from talking to Riley's best friend's mom I was informed that he already told his friend, Kaden, that there was no Santa. I knew he was on to us, has been for years. Honestly, even though it is sad to tell them, it is nice to have all the pressure off. Now we can say, "go to bed so we can put your gifts out!" ha, ha...We still have a while before Bryson knows the difference.
Bryson is doing great as always, he gained a pound in two weeks after getting off of his tube. YAH! He is moving around like MAD! I can't even explain how he gets where he needs to go. He flips and turns and scoots and he is now crawling backwards. He looks like one of those bugs that backs up out of the dirt. It won't be anytime at all until he is crawling and then OMG, watch out! Last night in a matter of seconds he got into Riley's toys, pulled out the internet table, dumped a game, WOW! This kid is going to be a handful. They always warn you of risks that heart babies can have as children....trouble learning, ADD, the list goes on and on.....I am ready for it all baby....BRING IT ON!!!! :)

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