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Thursday, July 7, 2011

This isn't the summer I signed up for!!!

So sorry for the lack up updates but I am in the thick of school right now and it is kicking my booty! Not to mention all the other stuff going on. I guess I just assumed LIFE would be nice and quiet for me while I went to school. Well, not so much! Bryson got a virus and a throat infection together and landed himself in the hospital for 24 hours. IT SUCKED! He is officially not a good patient. I told him that we were both lucky he had his long hospital stay at the beginning of his life versus now! He told me that if I would just supply him with the same meds as before he would be fine! LOL! Oh and after the 24 hour hospital stay he was STILL sick and got a shot in the leg for the third time. Well, that one turned out to be a doosey and he didn't sleep for a week straight because of the pain in his leg. It turned black and blue and had a huge knot. NIGHTMARE! Then I got food poisoning. I swear, I feel like both Bryson and I get sick all the time. I never used to get sick. I really think it is stress.
Anyway, I took my big test but I don't have the results back yet but I should know soon and I will be sure and update the blog and let you know. And....Riley is at John and Linda's for a few weeks visiting with his cousin. He is having so much fun swimming and riding around in the golf cart. I miss him though!
As far as the rest, I'm just hoping for school to hurry up and end, for me to pass my test and for us to all stay well for a while!!!! This chick needs a break man!!!!
Hope everyone is well! Miss ya and love ya!

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