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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer, sweet, summer!

Been so very busy! Let's see.......well, school is basically over. Riley is out and has attended his last year of private school (I hope anyway) and he is enjoying his summer. Yesterday he never even got out of his pajamas! B loves having him home to play with. Today is Kory's LAST DAY OF JUNIOR HIGH! He is a high schooler! Honestly, on paper, he was a high schooler last year but our schools run a little different than others but now he is a 10th grader! I can't believe it! The kid wears nothing but black, 24/7, all day long. Today they were allowed a free dress day (no uniforms) and I drive up and everyone is all dressed up trendy and fancy and then there is Kory, head to toe black. He says those kids are "dressed for success", I said, "what are you dressed for? death???" Geez! I did the same thing when I was a teenager but it is just funny!
I have tons of pictures to post. Riley had an end of year school party that was beyond anything I have ever seen (private school for you!LOL) They had jumpers and water slides and a pond for fishing, farm animals, endless food....MAN! Bryson went too but he got really hot and tired and my mom took him home. I do have to say that there are sometimes "indicators" that his heart is a little different. He can't take the heat, it just wears him out and he stays hotter than most. They said because of his heart he would but he would grow out of it. Also, when he is cold, he "models" or looks splotchy on his arms and legs. I know it is no biggie in the grand scheme of things but I wish we had NO reminders of heart issues except for the scars. Anyway, he enjoyed the party and ran around like a wild animal and he WAS NOT scared of the horses, or donkeys or the 500 lb pig! He IS VERY SCARED of the monkey toy in Toy Story 3 that claps the cymbals together. I hate to say it but it is sooo funny to watch him FREAK OUT about it. I love that kid!
Then we went out of town to see my nephew play in a alumni game in the Texas Cowboys Stadium. We were able to take a tour and be on the field. It was cool! We were there for like 4 or 5 hours and Bryson did so well! We went to Legoland and that was fun and Riley made out like a bandit. He spent all of his birthday money there. We shopped some and ate out and just had fun. It was a good time! The kids are all so great and so ready for summer. Even though I have school they have some stuff planned. I am going to pay Riley to clean the house (he is good at it!) and his friends call him all the time to come and swim and play. We are trying to find Kory a job, no luck yet, he is just too young. And Bryson, well, Bryson is just being crazy and funny and silly.
On a side note, please keep my grandmother in your prayers. She is very sick and her prognosis is not good. She will be 90 in a matter of weeks and we all hope she can at least make it to that day, and beyond if it be God's will. She has had a SUPER GOOD life though and so that is good!
Oh, and my brother and his wife are flying to Korea to pick up his newest addition, his name is Yu-Ben (I know I probably spelled that wrong). He is a little younger than Bryson and makes number two for my brother and his family. So much fun! I can't wait to meet him. I will post some pictures of him when they send them!
I hope to keep up the blog as much as possible but as you can see it is going to be a crazy summer! But a good summer I hope, no.....I know it will be!!!!! :)

will post pictures later! Blog won't take them!

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