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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well I am officially done with school and at home for a MONTH. Crazy, right? I have never been off for four weeks consecutively unless I was at a hospital with my son. I am not sure what to do with myself. I am, of course, planning to get everything I need done in the first few days. That is just me. One thing I AM NOT is a procrastinator. I can't stand things "hanging over my head". I have registered Riley for school and football, signed myself up for my subbing and next is Kory's registration. Tonight we are going to the circus so I hope to have some good pictures that I can post. Life has been chaotic but FUN chaotic. I love it! I had lunch with Riley and Bryson yesterday and I have some great video of Bryson eating. I will try to put them on here, so funny! Mark and Kory were working, which they remind me of everyday. They LOVE to point out that "they" have jobs and I don't. They think they are so cute!!:)
Riley is doing great. Just being super helpful around the house and with the baby. He is going to be such a great dad! He is ready for football and school. He met his teacher today and was really excited and football starts really early this year so he will get to meet all of his new friends before school starts. He cracks me up reading the calories and fat and protein on EVERYTHING he eats or drinks. Not that he doesn't eat it because of that, but he is "checking" it out. When we signed him up for football they have all the boys weights listed and he weighs TWICE what all the other boys weigh. He has bigger feet than me, and he is TEN. This kid is going to be HUGE!
Kory is great too. He has been working all summer and making some good money (and spending it too!) But, really, he has been giving me money out of each check to put in savings and I didn't even ask. He even asked me if he could go ahead and set up a 401K. He is so funny! He has his entire life planned out. He is a planner, just like his mom. He works on his music all the time and stays busy just doing his own thing.
Bryson.....Bryson is a tiny, baby turd! That kid! He is sooooooo busy! He is turning two for sure! He throws fits all the time and throws things. I remember at the hospital I told the nurses I would NEVER spank him. He sure needs a spanking! LOL! He is so funny and he plays with his toys like nobody's business. He is starting to talk a lot and he lets you know what he wants. He is a HEFTY eater. He thinks that our kitchen is open 24/7 for his benefit and he can reach many of the drawers and cabinets and he can open the fridge too. Yesterday he got out the food coloring and got red food coloring all over the floor (thank goodness it was wood, fake wood) and then he said, "oh no, oh no!" I need all of our family members here to help me keep up with him!!!! He will be two in about two months. It is hard to believe! NO medical problems whatsoever except some allergies. It's crazy! Well, he is in the cookie decorating drawer and pouring and licking sprinkles off of the floor (seriously, he is!) So, I gotta go!!!

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