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Monday, November 1, 2010

Bulimia and Halloween!

I was so hoping to have these great pictures of my kids in costumes but we have yet another undocumented Halloween. Honestly a lot of the time I just get so caught up in "living" in the moment that I forget to document it. However this time it was just stinking busy!!!! Seriously, the ENTIRE weekend was sooo busy! And, as far as getting a picture of B in a costume, well, that wasn't going to happen because he won't stay in one long enough! Let's recap this crazy weekend that began on Friday at noon. I got off early on Friday because I worked until about ten o'clock on Thursday night. I headed to the coliseum to help set up Kooky Karnival. This is the Riley's schools MAJOR fundraiser every year that brings in TONS of money. Well I was fairly new to this private school thing when we began about 3 or 4 years ago and I dreamt of signing up to help with EVERYTHING and being a HUGE part of all the festivities. Well......you learn pretty quick that, well, let's just say, "it's all covered". The "seasoned veteran parents" of the school know what they are doing, and they don't need you to come along and change things up. I admit, at first that was a real kick in the teeth, however, now I relish in the fact that I have more free time than expected and God knows I need it with three kids so I am good. I spent only an hour setting up at Kooky Karnival and a large portion of that time was spent making fun of the parents that RUN THE SHOW! I'll admit it! I'm not ashamed! What else can you do but laugh. I know the other mothers like me wanted to say it but they were afraid to, so I just took the opportunity and we had a really good time! Then it was off to Seabury Nursing Home so Riley's class could sing for the residents. It was super cute! Bryson did wear some pirate pants and a white onesie and for a while he wore a pirate hat. He actually thought it was really funny but yea, no pictures. Now it is time to pick Kory up, run him to Andrews, wait, no, Midland, run back home, run to Ratliff for the big "rivalry" game. Home after 10! Saturday, up and running again, errands to run, cleaning...and Kory's band played in Andrews that evening and they were awesome! I was very impressed. My mom took Riley and Bryson to Kooky and several church Halloween festivals. They had strict instructions not to come back without cake and although it probably cost $40 they came back with a cake, and it was good. That night Riley was a football player and Bryson was a duck...yea, no pictures. They both had a great time!! Back home, order pizza, bed. Up on Sunday, errands all day, boys needs shoes and pants, home again, clean more, no time to carve the pumpkins we bought, do Riley's "zombie" makeup while Bryson helps, cook dinner, trick or treating........Whew, I am tired! So we load up Bryson in the wagon to go trick or treating in our neighborhood. He was supposed to have been the sock monkey but it was like 100 degrees on Halloween (which SUCKS) so we couldn't make the poor kid melt so instead I put him in some rock star pajamas and made his hair a mohawk....yea, no pictures. However in about 20 minutes Bryson just had what looked like bad bedhead and a chocolate goatee. I think what he wanted to be for Halloween was "bulimic baby". He has decided that it is SO MUCH FUN to chew up the food and then spit it out. He did it the ENTIRE weekend. Good food too! He had Kit Kat dripping from his chin and all over his pajamas and all in the wagon. So he got a free pass to go home with Mark and Kory and instead he helped hand out candy. He loved it! He was in his diaper and every time someone came to the door he made tons of noise and crawled over as fast as he could to help. He "stood" several times this weekend and let go between furniture so we are VERY close to walking but not yet. And, he didn't sleep ONE TIME yesterday (Halloween) but you wouldn't have known it to look at him. He was so happy! He just knew that it was going to be an exciting thing and he didn't want to miss a thing! Such a treasure!
Before I sign off, I wanted to pay my respects to a wonderful man that passed away this weekend. Mr. Lynn Dudney was at first my boss many years ago, then a friend, and then like family! He was the one who encouraged me to write the book and he was the one who footed the bill to have it published. It was a wonderful man and he will forever be missed. Please keep his sweet wife Emma in your prayers. We love you Lynn!!!!

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