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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toilet bowls woes!

Well it is official! Bryson is just a normal one year old boy! Sounds weird, right? On many levels, I mean who wants to say their child is just "normal"? Well, he is extraordinary! We all know that but at the same time, he is NORMAL. We went for his one year old appointment yesterday and he weighs 20 lbs. I know, that is it! I was so surprised. He feel like he weighs 75 pounds! And he looks so very chunky, but he is short too so that explains that. I know the cardiologist wants him to weigh more but the doctor said that his weight is perfect. He is in the 25th percentile for weight. I can't remember his height percentile, low I am sure and he is in the 95th percentile for head circumference! Big headed kid! Hee, hee! When we go to the two year appointment I will get the "talk" about how their heads are bigger than their bodies and they can fall head first into the toilet and drown because their heads are so big and heavy. You laugh, but she really tells me that. I had nightmares of their little legs sprouting out of the toilet, while they kick and sputter toilet water! Seriously?!?!?!?! Anyway, he is great! She said she is sooooo happy about him in every way. He is all caught up and on NO MEDICINES AT ALL! Crazy!!! This is the same kid who had a bad heart, bad kidneys, on 15 different meds, a feeding tube, physically behind by 5 months and they thought was also neurologically damaged! And might I just add that he is as smart as a whip!!! Got it from his mom! :)
He got five shots yesterday and he screamed when he got them but quieted down right after and then we walked in the hallway and there is a little porcelain baby on a shelf. Bryson LOVES babies, their faces especially and he got so excited and then he got right in front the baby and he just cried and moaned to the baby as if he was telling him all about the terrible shots. It was hilarious! Bryson did have a rough time the rest of the day. The shots gave him a pretty good fever and he felt pretty bad but today he is better. He better be, he has a kickin' party to attend!
I am so excited!
I will post TONS of pictures!
Riley is doing great, he is LOVING football and he is so aggressive. I am shocked! It sounds terrible but I love the sound of his helmet smashing into the other kid's helmets. I know, I am turning into one of this sick, Texas football moms. Guilty!
Kory is so sweet too because we went on and on about Riley at football and instead of being jealous he was just so excited for Riley and complimenting him over and over. He just has the kindest heart of anyone I know! You wouldn't know it with his "tough guy" exterior, but he is a sweet teddy bear kid!
I am so proud of my boys!

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