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Monday, February 27, 2012

What the puck!

Well......Bryson was the honorary "puck dropper" at the hockey game this last Friday night. And it was, well, um, a pucking disaster! :D. Let's see...we got there early and Bryson was wound up and did not want to stand around. He is two people! I kept thinking,"if we could only make it to where we move closer to the arena he will be interested in everything and stop being so darn squirmy." So...we head down to the arena. They gave me a set of complicated instructions that I was sooo worried about screwing up. I ended up wearing the jersey for him because it was an adult large. He would have NEVER fit in and when I tried he didn't just say "no!"....it was more of a "hell no!". So here we are at the arena near the ice and things are getting crazy and then Bryson sees the blimp. It is a rather large, white blimp that flies around the arena and he LOST IT....LOST IT!!!!! Not only did he scream bloody-murder for a full ten minutes. He also tried to climb over my face and head to get away. Bless his heart, I felt sorry for him but we could not pull out of this. The heart lady kept looking at me with this strange look and all I could do was apologize profusely. They sang the national anthem....Bryson screamed....they did the presentation of colors....Bryson screamed....they prayed...Bryson screamed. I was sure that this puck dropping would go down in the history books as the worst puck dropping EVER. So then they say, "Go!". I grab him, step onto the carpet on the ice, and set him down to walk beside me, holding my hand of course. Thank GOD he only quietly sobbed as we did the drop.....or as I did the drop. We survived! We literally ran out of the coliseum and the minute we stepped out Bryson was all skipping around and laughing and was pointing and talking about the moon! Here he was chosen to drop the puck and he was WAY more excited about the moon. I told him that the moon was out every night and he gave it too much credit! LOL! Silly turd!
He helped me all weekend to clean up the house and do laundry. He absolutely REFUSES to use the potty. He played in the backyard while I worked on Sunday and I asked him if he wanted to hear music and he said, "whoa, yah!" because that is what he says instead of the traditional and boring, "yes!" So I brought out my phone and he informed me (through grunts and groans and the frequent NO's) of what music we could listen to. It turns out he doesn't like rap, he favors rock. This kid has an opinion about EVERYTHING! He cracks me up! He so runs our house! Anyway, all in all, good weekend...and the hockey thing was very humorous. Truth be told, I love a humorous story over a nostalgic, cliche story anyday! I think I am not going to be short in those stories anytime soon in my life! :)

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