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Friday, February 10, 2012

CHD Awareness

Never be ashamed of the scars that life has left you with.
A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed,
you endured the pain and God has healed you

I love that! The quote has Bryson written all over it! My sweet baby has been sick since last Saturday and it got scary. I worry so very much when he is sick, not just because of his heart but because we have come so very far that I fear if I had to see him in bad shape again, hurting....it would nearly kill me. The thought of him even having to go into the hospital, for something minor, makes me feel physically ill. I just can't do it again, and he can't either. However, he finally got a shot and is much better today. I love seeing him feel good!
Well it has been a super busy CHD Awareness Week. Let's see.....I have been lined up to speak about Bryson at a Go Red luncheon here at my workplace. It is so funny I am TERRIBLE at public speaking. I was in front of a camera for years but in front of people is an entirely different thing. However, when I have to talk about Bryson and CHD's, it just comes so natural. I never second-guess myself or feel nervous. Instead, I feel empowered....and blessed to be able to report a happy ending. Bryson has also become the ambassador for two campuses in our hometown and he is supposed to make visits to them sometime soon. The kids raise money in honor of him. It is just amazing, and overwhelming. One of the schools is Riley's and that has been interesting. I didn't tell him they were going to do it and then they announced it in an assembly in front of everyone. He was freaked out, but proud at the same time. His friends are so very interested in Bryson and Riley loves to talk about him. He even took some pictures from home for his friends.
After the luncheon at work we head to the hockey game where Bryson (and me) will throw out the first puck! So exciting!
From the information given to the school we had a wonderful man contact us about his motorcycle organization having a benefit for Bryson. I was speechless! I am so excited! We are talking bbq, a ride, raffle tickets, etc.... And, of course, little man is going to be there! We aren't sure yet exactly what we are going to do with the money but we are thinking we will give a portion to the American Heart Association, and then use the rest at Children's Medical Center somewhere in the cardiac wing. I am talking to some nurses and therapists there about it. They did save Bryson's life (and countless others) and so I want to give back. I will report back more when I figure that all out.
And then...one of my favorite nurses at Children has been made the Regional Coordinator for Beads of Courage. For those of you who don't know what beads of courage is...check it out at www.beadsofcourage.org. It is simply amazing and not just for heart kids...for any child undergoing medical "stuff". Bryson has MANY beads of courage...over 700 and she wants a picture of him with his beads. That ought to be interesting...he is two you know. LOL! I am so excited about this! I LOVE showing off my kid and I LOVE beads of courage!
Anyway, Bryson and I are trying our very best to get CHD awareness out there. Heck, I tell people in line at the grocery store. And, turns out, they all had heart kids or family too. It is a small world!
Anyway, I will be posting pictures of all these amazing events and can't wait to share my sweet (finally well) little man! Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's day!

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