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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Bryson wearing ALL of his beads of courage!

Bryson helping me at the store!

After reading so many blogs for such a long time something occured to me....parents of children who are "fragile" or have been "fragile" live their lives in segments. Everyones segments differs. My segments are six month segments. Some people's segments are much shorter, some are longer. Cancer parents live their life from scan to scan. Parents of children who have passed live their life from angelversary to angelversary. Heart parents live their live from one cardiologist appointment to the next. We had our appointment in February and in the weeks leading up I feel the anxiety, the fear....and the closer it gets...the more anxiety I get. Then we go to the appointment, we *hopefully* get a good report and I breathe again. I feel the weight lifted off of my shoulders and then we laugh and play and wait for the next appointment, and hope for the best. It is awful that any parent has to live this way and I never understood it until Bryson was born. I never understood the pure agony and hell of WAITING. Waiting on surgery, waiting on labs, waiting on xrays, waiting on a doctor. I swear that time in a hospital CRAWLS! I have never seen anything like it! When I think about it my life segments when Bryson was born were super short, and fast and furious. What a roller coaster ride! Now.....we are kind of coasting. I feel the wind in my hair and I like it. I can do six months! Its a cake walk in comparison! :)
Oh and before I go, here are some cute Bryson stories. The kid is the biggest ham ever. I read on a blog the other day (I know, your shocked! Admit it) where a mother has a son who has had several heart procedures. She said he was kind of rotten and tempermental. She stated that his therapist said it was because he was a "celebrated child". I LOVE THAT! Bryson fits that to a tee!!!!!!!! So now I tell my mom, "remember, he is c squared!" He is so rotten. He is so happy when I get home. He shows off and is silly and he LOVES to say NO! So me and the kids ask him questiosn all night long and he always yells NO!
"Bryson, do you love mom?"
"Bryson, do you love puppies?"
"Bryson, do you know where babies come from?"
"Bryson do you want 50% more cash back?"
"Bryson, do you want a cookie?"
ALRIGHT (again, he doesn't say yes, he says Alright but I SWEAR it sounds like he is saying Hawaii!) I am gonna film it so you all can hear. So I always end up with my last question, which is...
"Bryson, where do you want to vacation this year?"
:) :) LOL!!

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