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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What did she FEED HIM????

Well I found out about these capes from someone else's blogs (imagine that!) and so I ordered one for B. It is called Heart Heros Capes and this is their website www.heartherocapes.com. Check it out! So cool! Here is a sample of why they do what they do.

"These children laugh, play and enjoy life just like any child, however, what makes them our heroes is that they have experienced life-saving heart operations - unlike most children. One would never know these children have endured lengthy hospital stays and miraculous medical interventions.

Undergoing these complex medical procedures is a daunting experience even for adults. For children, being alone without their family to comfort them amidst a crowd of medical professionals is absolutely frightening. Heart Hero Capes was created with the hope that all children visiting the hospital or their cardiologist will feel invincible wearing their cape - have super powers - and that their parents will be comforted knowing that the arms that always protect them are momentarily being substituted with the superpowers of the cape.

After seeing their children face the challenges of heart operations and cardiology appointments, the moms of these heart heroes decided to create the opportunity for all children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) to have a Heart Hero Cape."

You can send in a request to have one sent to your child with CHD or you can just go ahead and pay the $25 and have one sent right away. Well you know I have no patience and so I forged ahead with the payment and ordered one. It is sooooo cute! I know I have to post a picture but I will explain why I haven't in a minute......It is blue and has a lightning bolt and a big B on it...and a little patch that reads Heart Heroes. I love it! Bryson, on the other hand, doesn't love it. He screams and runs every time I put it near him. I even "modeled" how it works....wearing it myself (yea, picture that) and running around and showing how cool it is that it flies around in the air (sort of anyway). He was not interested, at all! The only thing that Bryson is interested in is.......WAIT FOR IT.......WAIT FOR IT......CORN Yes, I said it...corn......corn in any fashion....creamed corn.......corn on the cob......whole kernel corn.......corn sandwiches (just kidding, I was beginning to sound like Forrest Gump and had to go on with it!) I think he ate 4 corn on the cobs last night. Oh and I'm so thrilled because corn has such nutritional value (insert hysterical laugh here). He likes green beans too though and last night he ate okra too. Oh, and the night before he ate an ENTIRE pomegranate....he chewed and swallowed the seeds and everything! Truth is I am playing this sick and twisted game with my mom of......"what did the baby eat last night???" since she is the one changing the diapers during the day. (Thank you Bryson for only pooping during the day, YOU ROCK!)
Everything else is going smashingly! Busy as ever and everyone still loves school! YAH!
I'll be back soon and post pictures, I swear. (but no pictures of the poop game)
B is getting a HAIRCUT tomorrow!!! A serious one! He has looked like a female Hans Solo for too long! It's time, even if Daddy says it isn't!
Love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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