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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shingles, and allergies and head colds....OH MY

Well we have been super busy! Let's see....and allergies and sickness and shingles is trying to take us down. Yes, Kory got shingles...on his face! UGH! Awful stuff! It was painful and he was soooooo tired. I didn't think he was gonna make it! And, he is working at the haunted house as a chainsaw-wielding clown so he needed his energy but he is officially MUCH better and got all his hair cut off and he looks so cute. He looks like such a man! He shaved his beard too! I like the beard but oh well.
This week I got a head cold...or sinus infection....anyway, my head was infected. After a shot and antibiotics I feel.....better. Being sick sucks! Especially when you have a full-time job, three kids and MORE!
Riley is still playing football and he is doing great. He plays defense and offense...he actually plays the entire game and he loves it.
Bryson is silly as always, busy stealing everyone's attention. The kid loves to be chased and wrestle. I swear one night I am going to video him. We lay down to go to bed and we put him in between us with the green, satiny blanket. He stuffs the entire blanket in his mouth it seems. I swear one day he going to be a clown and do an at where he pulls an entire blanket of cloth out of his mouth. Cracks me up! Anyway, he is so tired but tries SO hard to stay awake as long as we are awake so as we read he does what I call the "crocodile roll". He rolls and rolls and kicks and moves and tucks his butt up in the air over and over. We have learned that if we ignore him instead of telling him to be still he soon wears himself out and falls asleep with his butt in the air. Silly boy!!!!!!!!!
We are gearing up for the Heart Walk and we are so proud that Bryson is the Grand Marshall of the event. I love to share his story for so many reasons. He is a superhero, a miracle, an inspiration, a testament....and more!
The boys are getting their pictures made on Sunday (except Kory has to work so he may not be taking his picture) BOO :( and I will post those as soon as I can.

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