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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Proud!

I am so proud of my little brat!!! Just teasing, he is anything but a brat. He is soooo sweet! He is finally back to his old self and just funnier than ever. He is eating like a horse and has a love affair with donuts and ranch dressing (only not together!). If I throw away a donut box, he digs it out and brings it to me. He dug the donut box out the trash can three times yesterday! And if you give him the ranch and let him dip stuff himself.....oh my....he just thinks he is the cat's meow, coolest kid in town!
He went to his cardiologist appointment today and I am happy to report he is GREAT! He weighs almost 23 pounds (and that is inching up by the day!) and they were all SHOCKED by how "big" he is, not just physically, but mentally. My mom took him for me because we had a catastrophe at my work but she said they went on and on about how he is not behind at all. He really doesn't look like a baby anymore, but a toddler for certain.
I have to post a picture too because he has a "woobie". I am not sure if any of you have seen Mr. Mom but the kid has this terrible blanket that has never left his side for years and years and he can't give it up. Bryson has this green satin blanket that at first he just preferred. Well, now he has to have it nearby AT ALL TIMES! I made the mistake of taking him in the car last night without it and he had a nervous breakdown. This obsession with the woobie far outweighs even the mobile obsession. And the gross part is he sucks on it so it is wet most of the time and he won't let us wash it. It is so cute!
Anyway, I just wanted to post how proud I am of him. I am so blessed, in so many ways! Praise be to God!

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