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Friday, January 14, 2011

FLU! That's what I get for complaining, right? Now, my sweet, blonde, curly-headed, tiny germ is sick with the FLU! I even hate to type the word! UGH! He had a flu shot this year so maybe it won't be so terrible but I can only hope. I feel to blame because I took him to the doctor on Monday morning for a cough and he was screaming to get down and play with a toy in the room he was in (not the waiting room but the other room) and they said he probably picked it up there. I KNEW I should have just held him and let him scream rather than touch that nasty toy. I still don't understand why they have those germ-catching toys in there anyway! So, he was feeling pretty good earlier but now he is throwing up. He won't eat and so the medicine makes his tummy all out of whack. I feel like he is so skinny already and I know this is going to kick him right back down and we have a cardiologist appointment in a few weeks and if he isn't downright OBESE he is going to pitch a fit. I hate it! AND, we move in less than two weeks from today. I was excited, but honestly, now I am just FREAKING! Plus I have had my flu shot (which still doesn't really protect me) and my mom has had hers but I never got the boys their flu shots. I know...I am TOTALLY out of the mother of the year running. Oh well, I have no more room for trophies anyway because my wall is just overrun with them. What do you do, right???
Drivers ed is going ok. Kory got his learner's permit today and he can "officially" drive my car, with me or Mark in it. SCARY! Now that he is in drivers ed he feels like he can correct my driving on all levels. This morning he informed me that when it is foggy, it is best to drive with my high-beams on. How did I ever get this far without his help???? Oh and if Kory gets the flu, he is SCREWED because he can miss ONE DAY of drivers ed and that is it or he loses out on everything and has to start over. OH LORD!
So here is to a long, three day weekend with a very sick baby, moving boxes and mess all around and more drivers ed! Hope you all have a great one!!!!!!!!!!

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