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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I had seen this on another person's blog and I thought it would be interesting to work out and see for myself. I know one day I found a piece of paper that had all of Bryson's "conditions" listed...not heart conditions but OTHER conditions. It was so crazy! This kid has seen some stuff! You would never know it now though. Here is the list, all of them are approximations. At the very least Bryson has had:
1 cardiac catheterization (balloon atrial septostomy)
1 Open heart surgery
1 bedside heart surgery (due to excessive bleeding)
2 heart caths (I think)
1 swallow study
1 circumcision at 9 months of age (OUCH!)
1tongue frenulum surgery (cut in two spots, OUCH!)
Over 200 x-rays (twice a day for a long time and then once a day, every single day)
15 ECHOs (at the very least)
141 days in the hospital (ALL but 10 of those days in CICU)
105 days on a ventilator
6 Intubation/Extubation events
Unknown days of TPN (this one is hard to decipher)
6 drainage tubes (at one point he had that many at one time)
1 dialysis catheter placed (but never used)
Misc…..ng tubes insertion and removal (countless times), labs drawn twice a day for each day he was in ICU, and OH the meds! The meds! I would like to see that list!
Total cost of care: SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS (yep, that much!)

MAN, this kid is a warrior! Speaking of being a warrior, he sure is loving that cape that was sent to him from Heart Kids. It has the big B on the back. He puts it on and runs through the house like a crazy man. It is so funny! I really plan on taking some video to put on the website. It is of Bryson on my IPad. It is TOTALLY AMAZING what this kid can do. He matches stuff, picks the smallest and the biggest, finds letters and on and on. I could not believe it! After I see him do those things I just can't help but ask him, "if you are really that smart...how come you won't talk and you still poop in your pants!" LOL! I am going to be looking for a potty training app as well!
Anyway, just wanted to share my list! I am always in awe of my little man! :)

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