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Monday, January 30, 2012


We had a good weekend! Busy, but good! We had the kid's pictures taken on Sunday and I could NOT have been more happy with them. They turned out so great! Of course, when you have kids that darn cute, I mean, what do you expect! Hee, hee. Anyway, it was kind of cold and so I was worried that poor Bryson would freeze. He is so small and doesn't have much fat, but he had so much fun he didn't care. The pictures really did turn out great. I bought the entire CD but I haven't gotten it yet so I am going to go ahead and post the proofs because I can't wait! I had to laugh though because of Kory. That kid! I swear, he always has to be different! LOL! You will see when I post the "real" pictures. These are just some of them. He has had a shaved head for a while, which I don't love but what am I gonna do? And, he wears black all the time, he has done that for a really, really long time. So here we have these two little kids wearing cute, bright colors and smiling and then BAM! there is a bald-headed convict dressed in black hanging out near them. No smiles either so it really adds to it! LOL! I know some people would MAKE their 16 year old wear something else or grow out his hair or blah, blah, blah but this is my thought. I want my kid's pictures to look...well....like them....like WHO they are! I want it to truly reflect their personality! I don't want to look back and say, "Kory looks so weird in that picture, he never looks like that!" And, truth is, it just makes me laugh. It will be a much talked about photo session for years to come when anyone sees the pictures. I did get one picture of him just cracking up and I LOVE IT! I am sure the photographer was wondering who this large man belonged to. Good stuff! Oh, and speaking of the photographer, I want to give her MAD props. Her name is Krista and her business is called Kiss Me Goodnight Photography. She is great and super nice! Anyway, here are some of the pics....I will post more later!

And these are just some funny pictures I took a few weeks ago. We were getting ready for a garage sale (hence the big mess in the background) and he found this dinosaur costume that we had that NEVER fit him and he insisted on wearing it and having a fudge pop....and also sharing with my elderly cat. So cute!

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