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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prom pictures!!! (WARNING....LONG POST!)

Ok so I seriously have to laugh at myself! I was just thinking yesterday how easy it has been so far this year (yes I know it was only January 4th yesterday) but still people, four days is dang good! Anyway, I was thinking that it was a chillin' kinda year so far and well.......today I am irritated....just plain mad....wanna choke someone. THAT didn't last long!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! And it isn't just a few people, it is many people, several I should say. So instead of literally choking people (or cussing a lot, which is the way I would normally deal with this sort of anger)...I am going to write something cutesy and fun. I am going to write about my kids and their funnies! My hope is that I get so immersed in writing about that, my anger will subside and I can make it through the day. I told you writing was therapy for me!!!!!!!!! Ok so let's start with Bryson...just cause he is so dang cute! And so dang funny! He cracks himself up and he cracks up at just about everything we do too. I think what I love about him the most is that he is just so easily amused! Picture this...last night he got a sucker (for which he was very happy!) and then he found a truck with a loader on the back and he also found a circular container that I had for Christmas that he LOVES to wear on his head. One thing about this kid, he LOVES makeshift hats. At any given time you can see him sporting large measurement devices, bowls, lampshades...anything that fits on his head. He even goes through ALL my drawers and tries each and every one on his head until he gets the right fit. So here he is last night running through the house pushing this truck, sucker in mouth (dangerous I know!) and a red, circular container on his head....laughing hysterically. Hilarious! The container was so big that it covered his eyes so he couldn't even see. Let's see.....Bryson facts...... -he still is on NO medications which to me is soooo crazy! -he is NOT interested in potty training in ANY fashion. Guess he will go to prom in a diaper...whatever -he still takes a bottle at night (I know, terrible....but he doesn't eat enough during the day hardly to hit a good caloric intake and he only started his bottle at 10 months so he is on a major curve!) he will give it up when he is ready! -he sleeps with my husband and I. He crawls up in our bed, green blanket in tow and shoves it in his mouth and sticks his rear up in the air and passes smooth out! So funny! -He sleeps late most of the time....lazy bones! When we get up one of us carries him to the palate in front of the tv in his playroom and he sleeps until he is ready to get up. Some days I wake him up at 11!!!!! I know you are jealous! :) -Along with his obsession for all things hat-related....he has BOWL issues...yea, I said it, BOWL issues. He thinks the fridge and the pantry are just huge buffets set up to his liking and when he feels a hankerin' for something he goes to his drawer and gets one of his many bowls and takes it to you and then he instructs you to head to either the pantry or the refrigerator and get him what he wants. If you cannot understand what he is saying you have to hold him up and let him point the item out to you. Whatever item he has chosen then goes into his bowl. He will eat NOTHING if it is not in the BOWL. Specific instructions people!!!!!! The funny thing is that he knows that he is not supposed to handle the glass or ceramic bowls and he knows it. So if the drawer does not have his plastic bowls...he will lift up all the bowls to see if they are breakable and if he can't find HIS bowls, he comes and gets you and lets you know. Now mind you all this is done in true grunting fashion. He speaks...don't get me wrong, but he speaks when HE wants to. We have a hard time making him ask specifically for things and the older boys talk for him too. So he may go to prom...in a diaper...with a bottle and green blanket...and unable to speak for himself. Can you picture it? I can.....and he is still so cute, even in that manner! LOL! Let's see....what else (remember I am trying to keep distracted so if you are tired of reading...you may move on!) He loves to play!!! He loves plastic animals and cars. We are all forced to "battle" all day. He gets one animal and he gives you the other one and you fight to the death....over and over and over...his deaths just aren't final, not sure why. He also loves trains and trains sets and even though he will bring toys to you sometimes (and books! OH the books!) he also has specific instructions as to when and where we play trains and other stuff. He seats himself in front of the train set and pats on the floor for you to sit down and play. He is BOSSY! He is so funny with the patting. He pats on the floor. He likes to wrestle in our bed and if he catches you in teh bedroom before bedtime he races in there and crawls on the bed and "pats" for you to come and wrestle him. He LOVES to wrestle!!! He even has these really scrawny, plastic, little kid chairs that he brings out and he sits in one and "pats" for me to sit in the other. I tell him that unless he wants to never see that chair again he best not encourage me to sit in it. LOL! So basically, for Bryson....everything he does is cute. His fits are even cute! When he gets really mad he starts crying and then he dashes off looking for Lloyd (the green blanket). Once he has the blanket positioned in mouth....all is long forgotten! As you can see, he rules our household in every sense of the word! And...speaking of words....you know I can't go on without telling you what all he says..... Mom, Mamaw, mommy, dad, daddy, Kory, Riley, kitty, Lloyd, car, NO!(he knows that one really good!), yes, cmon, shoes (hilarious because he really enuciates it..shOOOOOOes), hmmmm...I know I am forgetting some but anyway you get the jist of it and he is also starting to make 2-3 word sentences. I swear he says Chiuhahua too! No one believes me! Riley This kid is so quirky! I NEVER know what is going to come out of his mouth!! He can be soooo sweet and charming and then BAM! he has a razor-sharp tongue and you better look out! He is so precarious...always, always asking questions. And beware he is ALWAYS listening as well.....taking it ALL in! When he gets up in the morning he is very gripey so just don't talk to him and you will never know. Just leave him be! He gets ready quickly and sits in front of the Today show with my mom. He still has not yet learned to tie his shoes! OMG, I have tried EVERYTHING to teach him but he gets all mad at us and irritated and he is done. I have offered to pay Kory to teach him and still NO. He wore Vans for such a long time that it never mattered but now it is getting to be a little much. This summer he is GOING to learn! I drop him off at school and without fail every morning he says, "I love you!". The funny thing is that about half the time after that he says, "see ya tomorrow!" and then he catches himself and smiles and says, "oh, I mean later!" and he scoots off to school. When he gets home from school...well....that is when the eating begins! SO MUCH FOOD! Apples, bananas, sandwiches, lefotvers....all generally healthy but this kid can put some food away! He does any homework and eats and either watches tv or plays in his room until I get home. We have to FORCE him to take a bath and every, single night...without fail...he says, "but I took a bath yesterday and I didn't even do anything to get dirty todaY!" Oh Lordy! He is smart, he is very social, he is a leader and not a follower, he hates showboating and bragging, he is really good at football and I tell you.....he is gonna be a looker! No lie! He is very good at helping me around the house...as long as I let him know what I need. He is a good babysitter but he tends to be too rough with Bryson. Case in point..last week he was supposed to watch him while I bathed and next thing I know him, Kory and a bleeding Bryson are all in the bathroom with me! So great! Love that kid and I can't WAIT to see what is in store for him! Kory Oh, my Kory! My Kory! My husband teases that me and Kory have a special "language" that no one can understand. He claims that I love Kory more than the others. And while that is not true (and he has a lot of room to talk with his "mini-me" Riley! LOL)what is true is that Kory and I kind of grew up together. I had him when I had just turned 19 and he was my first, and I was just a kid myself. And, yea, we click! We are a lot alike. If Riley gets mad at someone, he gets really mad and can blow up and then after that he lets it roll off of his back and he is done....much like his dad. But not me and Kory....make us mad and we won't say a thing to you for days and we can hold a grudge for a long time. We are pouters...but it takes a lot to make us mad. Kory acts so tough and he wears all black and shaves his head and acts like he could take on anyone but the truth is he is a huge teddy bear. He truly does have the kindest heart! If I am mad or upset he can sense it over anyone in the house and he goes out of his way to help me a little bit more or make me laugh...never letting on what he is doing but I know anyways. He is soooo good with the baby...so sweet and kind and playful. Both of my boys are going to be great dads....that is if Riley doesn't get turned into CPS for being so rough! LOL, just kidding! Kory is also NOT a morning person but he never is gripey. He just REFUSES to talk in the morning...under any circumstances. There could be an early morning fire and instead of screaming "fire" Kory would calmly walk to each room and poke us with a finger...never speaking. When he was in daycare they SWORE that he never spoke before 10am and he is still that way and believe me I try my best. I get him up, he gets going and heads to school. He takes all of his friends to lunch since he is the only one with a car and then heads home after school. He calls everyday after school, without fail, to ask what we are having for dinner and to tell me about his day. He too is super smart, taking all accelerated classes and he is soooo good about taking care of his own stuff. I have never had to worry about him because he has always been an adult in a kid's body. When he was little bitty he would remind me to get my purse and things. I hear oldest kids are like that a lot of the time. The rest of the night we don't see him too much...he is on the computer, doing homework, or playing video games but he comes out occasionally and asks us to watch tv with him. He is such a good kid, especially for a 16 year old boy. My only complaint is he is lazy.....that could probably be blamed on me somewhere down the road. If you ask him to do a chore...you ask 50 times and once you get mad...he takes care of it. TURD! Truth be told I know I am sooooo blessed to have such great kids. They are all mature and wise beyond their years. They are kind and sweet and I didn't even mention how HILARIOUS they are. Seriously, we all laugh soooo very, very much at our house. I swear our life could be a sitcom! And people would watch it and love every minute. Heck, sometimes it is hard for me to keep up with the witty banter! We just spend a lot of time together and we have a lot of fun. The kids don't really ask to go to friend's houses because we have so much fun on our own and I love that. That is what I always dreamed my house would be like....full of laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who hung on until the end, may I say I am IMPRESSED! Whew, get a drink and most of all.....thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

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