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Monday, November 7, 2011


Enough with the depressing post! Am I right people!?!?! I really wanted to post some cute pictures but my computer is STUPID (yea, I called you stupid computer!) and won't let me open them. UGH! Anyway, Halloween night was so much fun! At first Bryson was kind of miffed at the entire thing and thought we were just going for a walk but then he realized that we were getting CANDY AT PEOPLE'S DOORS! Well, then he was soooooo in! I pushed him in his little car and he after the first few houses he refused to get in the car, instead deciding to run from house to house which made me super nervous. So I finally get him back in the car and he sits but he doesn't even give the chance to pull up to the next house before he bails out of the little car head-first and takes off in a mad dash to the door. The kid literally walked for two hours (ran a lot of it too). So cute! And the kids got sooooo much candy! It was our best year yet! I was sure he would come home and pass out....but no....he came home and played and played, and when trick-or-treaters came up to our door he would run over and if they were even remotely small he would say, "babies!" He also decided that he likes to eat Starburst with the package on it. I guess it is better that way! Anyway, really great Halloween! Kory worked and got paid and had a good time too.
Lately a lot of my time has been taken up with band practice. Yea, me and Bryson and Kory and Riley are in a band. Bryson is in charge of the instruments. My old neighbor Elizabeth gave him a bunch of instruments for his birthday and he LOVES them. He comes in (with great authority I might add) hands everyone an instrument and we begin to play. He favors the metal cymbal-like disks that you bang together (like the scary monkey toy in Toy Story) and he bangs them SO HARD and SO CLOSE TO HIS FACE! I cannot believe he hasn't taken off his own nose! It is soooo hilarious because he takes band practice so seriously. ADORABLE!
Riley and Mark went hunting this weekend and Riley shot a raccoon. He was so stinking proud! I have heard about that raccoons insides for two full days now. YUCK! Oh, and Kory is teaching Bryson some really great things....like how to say the word "EEEWWW" and how to put his finger in his nose. I knew I should have hidden the baby and never told the other children about him! There is no hope! :)
Anyway, getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am getting soooo excited. So my favorite time of year! I have all my presents bought and wrapped already. Yes, I do.....don't make fun! Love you all!!!!

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