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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I don't want breakfast, I have a headache!

First, I will explain the frozen foods picture in a minute!
Secondly, don't turn me in for the naked guitar picture...I just couldn't resist!
I am sorry I haven't posted in a while but we are sooooo stinking busy! It is funny, the other day I was thinking, "Oh my gosh! Our lives are so crazy right now and it is driving me mad....and then I had the flashback, to a year ago today when I as going insane for so many other reasons...I smiled, knowing that this crazy is a great crazy, a fun crazy, a crazy I will someday miss and I smiled knowing that where we are today is so much better than where we were a year ago. I really do try not to think about what we went through, but sometimes I do, it is hard not to. I realized a few days ago that this time last year, Bryson had his chest open with his heart beating right before my eyes. It is so amazing! When I tell people those sorts of things, they look at me in total disbelief and I realize that if I were on the other side of that, I would do the same. I am in total disbelief of THIS CHILD! I promise you EVERY SINGLE DAY I stare at him in amazement of who is now. I do! I remember writing over a year ago about how I felt like I was in a nightmare that wasn't my own and I wished someone would pinch me so I could come back to reality. Now, I feel like I am dreaming but I pray every day that I never get that pinch. I enjoy that baby so much. I swear, I wouldn't care if he stayed just like he is right now forever! I hate to say I don't think I did that with my other children but he is soooo much fun! He is the BIGGEST clown! I don't know if it is because he is the baby and so rotten or just him but he has the BIGGEST personality ever! He is so smart and funny and I love watching the other kids interact with him. They love him so much! He is the blessing in my family that I never knew I needed! I cry as I type that because it just rocks me to my core, it truly does! Let me tell you about the things this kid does....and then I have to tell you about my other children (they are so neglected!:)) and then I have a really funny story to share so get comfortable people, I am not nearly done!
Bryson LOVES to play catch, with anything...balls...toys....socks....food! You name it he is throwing it but it is how he throws it that is so funny. He has a HECK of an arm and while I do think he is going to be left handed (thanks to my Mom and Mark, brainwashers!)he throws with both hands and I am not kidding, the kid throws far but about half of the time he just throws it straight up in the air and when it lands he just laughs and laughs. But when he throws he really concentrates and when he is done he looks at you with complete seriousness as if he is saying, "yea, I did that, what do you think about that?" and then it hits the ground and the laughter starts. He also likes to do monkey see, monkey do...anything we do he tries to copy. I picked up his "nightime" blanket and a bottle the other night and he said, "no, no!" I swear yesterday he shook his head at me! He has a "cage", it is a makeshift contraption all over the living room that kind of keeps him penned in to a large area. Well if the gate comes open, he is gone and he usually turns and shuts the door as if we won't catch him if he leaves no evidence and then he is down the hall and he is cracking up the entire time! I swear I have never seen a child crawl so fast in my life! He is really getting close to walking. He is cruising and even letting go and going in between things. It won't be long and then OH MY! I swear it truly takes a village to raise this one but it sure is fun!
Riley is still kicking butt and taking names in football. He LOVES it! He also LOVES school and he is doing so well. He has a few learning disabilities and we have really struggled with him in the past, but now, he doesn't need help on his homework or anything and his grades are great! I am so proud!
Kory is doing so great right now too. He, as always, has great grades but Pre-AP geometry is kicking his butt. He is such a good kid and so responsible. He is now in a band. He is the youngest, playing guitar of course and the others range in age from 22-16. I have met and gotten to know them all and they are great and they are so happy to have found him. He is really a good guitar player and he is so happy. He told me that this is the best thing that has ever happened to him. It just makes me feel so good to have such happy kids. I think that is all a mother needs to make her life complete, just happy kids. I feel so good where we are right now and I think I just enjoy it more because of where we have been. I NEVER thought that something like Bryson's illness could change my life so very dramatically, and in such a good way. Out of tragedy, comes such joy! I don't wish tragedy on anyone but I do wish that everyone could experience life like I do now. Talk about not sweating the small stuff, it justs feel so great!
Ok, so I had the crappiest day yesterday and I went to Target (nothing works like retail therapy for me!) and I passed the frozen foods section with the breakfast stuff and I see the condoms in the freezer. I laughed so hard and when I was checking out I told the lady and she was shocked and said, "really?" I said, "yes, I guess the sun isn't the only thing rising in the morning!" She laughed so hard and then she told a fellow employee to go remove the box and we look down there and several Target employees are over at the freezer section cracking up and taking pictures. It was too funny! Made me feel better about my day!
We are headed to Dallas this weekend! I am so very excited! I can't wait to give all of our things and mostly I can't wait to see the nurses! (April, if you are reading this be on the lookout for us!!!!) I just can't wait for them to see how different he is. Such a miracle! I will post lots of pics of all the donations and of Bryson with his "family". It is kind of weird, I am reading a blog right now of a little girl at Children's with heart problems and I can see her in my mind wearing the bows, or socks we bring, or watching a mobile we have provided floating over her head! Giving feels so very good! I hope we can do it every year!!!!!

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