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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Courage does have a number!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but MAN OH MAN have we been busy. Riley has football basically every single night. He has Wednesdays off and then Sunday is no game and no practice but all the other nights it is 6-8, or when it is too dark to see anymore. I have to say Bryson is not always the best baby when we have practice but that is a long time to sit in your stroller and he gets tired of his toys. Then Kory has his band practice throughout the week and on weekends and football games and in the midst of all of that, we have this little one year old that is into EVERYTHING! He loves to pull up and turn the tv off while we are watching it and he loves to tear up my magazines and take frames out of cabinets. OH MY, I had forgotten how hard it is having a baby! He is so sweet though! He is a perfect mixture of Kory and Riley's personalities. He has Kory's sweetness and he is mischevious like Riley. I laugh because when he is in a good mood he is sooooo sweet. He plays catch and wrestles with you and is just so much fun, but when he is in a bad mood (tired or teeth!) geez, he is awful! He just whines and whines and NOTHING makes him happy! He is giving the whole family a run for their money!
Speaking of money, my sweet friend Jo that I work with reminded me that she wanted to give me some money to start Bryson a savings account. I told her we would work on getting that done. She also reminded me that she tried to give me that same money last year when Bryson was sick. She said, "remember, you told me to keep it, that you might be needing it for a funeral." WOW! I usually just don't think about it much anymore, but I did say that. Pretty powerful! Now I am just buying him Halloween costumes and toys! I like that! He never wore his first Halloween costume because he was still naked tarzan in the hospital. It was a tootsie roll....this year he is going to be a sock monkey. It is soooo cute but I am figuring he will keep the hat on for about 2 seconds...he can't take the tail off though! I will get some great pictures.
Also, when I was at the hospital a few weekends ago nurse April gave me the paperwork to get Bryson his "beads of courage" for his hospital stay. I know I have told you all about it in previous posts but some of the things you get beads for are:
cath lab
PICC insertion and removal
CICU or ICU admission
dressing change
ambulance ride
sleepover at the hospital (needless to say he will be receiving a TON of these)
pokes (iv starts/blood draws) Again, tons of these too
x-rays (tons of these, still kind of worried about what kind of damage that may have caused!)
ng and chest tube insertions and removals (lots of these)
ventilator support (yea, TONS)
visits from PT or OT
cardiac surgery
and on and on
You even get a bead for a discharge from the hospital!
They also give beads for extraordinary experiences or special accomplishments
Well I put down for two of those beads....one for the first time I held Bryson and one for the day he went up on the 8th floor
Anyway, I have been working very hard to figure up the number of beads he is to get. I checked back with Caring Bridge posts and some from just memory and on and on and the total number of beads he is supposed to receive is.......DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........736!
WOW! Talk about courage! I have to figure out a really creative way to display them in my home so please any ideas are welcome!
Anyway, we are great and we hope you are all great too! I am sooooo loving fall, I am so excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas! So many memories to create! Happy Fall!!!!

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