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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yea, we are strange...what of it?

This is me...crawling into my mom's house via the window because she got locked out of her house. Yes, we are a strange family! We own it....we embrace it! :)

This is what I look like from the other end! I don't normally post pics of myself...or have any for that matter. However this picture was taken at bunco and I actually like it. How often can we say we actually like a picture of ourselves? So I thought I would post it. When I read blogs I am always so curious as to what that person looks like. It helps me to visualize the words better. Sounds strange, I know!

Well our life right now is in complete and utter turmoil. Some I can share....some, not yet. Besides I like to keep you coming back for more!!!!!!!!!!! :)
In the past month our kitchen floor has been flooded and ripped up. And, let me just mention that it looks HORRID! The tile underneath is soooo bad! I can barely stand it! I have rugs EVERYWHERE! Oh, and I can't find anyone to repair it until JUNE!!!!!!
Kory's car broke and the repairs were over $500
We have a mobile home we rent and I went in for the first time in years to find holes in walls and terrible, terrible damage. We had to pay $400 just to have the holes and toilet repaired. The rest we just left! UGH!
Our air conditioner started leaking into one of our closets (thankfully just a closet with jackets and such) and so we had to call the air conditioner repair people and that cost us about 300. We had to tear the ceiling out of the closet as well. Then we find out that the air conditioner isn't just leaking....it is DONE...BROKEN....DEMOLISHED....CONDEMNED! Sooooooo....we have to get a new air conditioner but have to go a week without any air conditioning at all so they can order a new one.
Now, with all this WONDERFUL stuff going on...let's see if we can see the silver lining.....
1) we have survived WAY worse...and our kids are healthy right now...and happy (knock on wood)
2) our insurance is going to cover the kitchen floor and our deductible was a fraction of what I thought it would be
3) Kory's car broke but we noticed it before it got bad and the wheel could have come off because of this particular problem. SUPER SCARY! Oh and the night before we paid for the repairs Mark was able to sell his bow and arrow. (It had been on Craigslist for so long....so it was a Godsend) and that actually paid half of the repairs
4) we have a home warranty and they are going to pay for the ENTIRE AIR CONDITIONER! Wooh! I can't imagine what we would have done if this had not been the case.

SOOOOO, with all that being said...yes, man, things are tough right now but it could be so much worse. And with that being said I would like to send mad prayers to all my friends and family in Dallas. They had some really horrific tornadoes and storms up there recently! So sad! I was so glad no one was hurt! God is good, ALL THE TIME!

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