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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Every. single. day......I say that with both zest and disappointment. The zest is because YES, we love to be outside every evening. The weather is great and it is a great form of exercise for my otherwise lazy family. However, mama works ALL day and mama is tired when she comes home and mama has to still cook and clean and bath a dirty toddler and on and on and on. I guess what I am saying is it would be better if we could go outside for say......30 minutes and then all smile and skip inside. But no, it goes more like this.....I come in the door....Bryson starts whining and saying "shoes, shoes, shoes" OVER AND OVER. I take him outside and everyone else goes and we play. HOURS later I drag a screaming, kicking toddler inside...a toddler that smells like a big pile of dirt. Just not the magic this mama dreams of! That kid LOVES to be outside. I have never had a kid love being outside as much as he does. However we have the perfect location with a circle drive and in a cul de sac so I am happy for that. Last night I thought I was going to get away from taking him outside...that by some chance he just "forgot". However five minutes after coming home I hear him standing at the door but this time instead of shouting "shoes" (cause he already had them on) he was yelling, "Amy, Amy, Amy!" OMG! He heard Riley call me that and so he does it sometimes too. I had to laugh! These children are gonna drive me mad! :)
Oh and while everyone else plays, THIS is what I do!

Yea, I am creative like that! We are having a water shortage so I am helping out!

And when Bryson is not begging to go outside, he is begging to go somewhere. The kid wants to GO! When he gets ready, he brings me my purse...and my shoes. These are the shoes he brought me last weekend. LOL

The kid is crazy! Speaking of crazy, we had this living in our house for a week.

Yea, a week! Don't ask me why we thought it would be a good idea. Kory was wanting a ferret really, really bad so I let him get one and I swear I have NEVER seen such a messy, disgusting animal in all my life! WOW! You could have an elephant in your house and the mess would be less. She just hated being in a cage so she destroyed everything in it every day. There was goo and God knows what in that cage at the end of the day. So one day, I told Kory (about three days in), "you know this is a trial period and if you want to get rid of her we can." He stated that she was ok, give him a few days. Two days later he called me and said, "I sold her, Mom, you won't believe what all she has done in that cage!" Wow, that was quick! LOL! I was never so glad to get rid of an animal in my life!

Anyway, enough excitement for now! We have plenty, trust me. We have to get our kitchen floor redone, we are selling a mobile home, and on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm tired! Oh, and I have to get ready to go outside! :) Love yall!

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