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Monday, April 18, 2011

Redneck Summer Fun

Well we had a really nice, relaxing weekend! Went for a walk on Friday night in the neighborhood, which I always love. Saturday the weather was so terrible. The wind was bad enough but the dirt in the air was beyond belief so we stayed in mostly. Both kids had someone stay the night at least one night over the weekend. We played board games, wrestled and as you can see from the pictures we had some backyard redneck fun. On Sunday the wind and dirt finally subsided and we went to Lowe's and picked out flowers to plant. We filled up the plastic alligator pool and let the baby loose. It was hilarious! The water was FREEZING COLD! In fact the bigger kids wouldn't even get in. But B just got right in there and even though he was shivering he was LOVING IT! He thought it was so cool! He would get out and just shake and shiver and freeze and I would wrap him in a towel and he would wait a few minutes and then get right back in. I eventually took off his 10 pound dripping diaper. Riley was horrified that he was naked in the pool. It was truly redneck, even right down to Kory shirt with the sleeves cut off. LOL! It was fun anyhow!
I have been doing my classroom observation hours and I am really starting to get excited about teaching. I think before it was just so very foreign to me, but now I can see myself doing it. So very many big changes coming up in our lives! Kory in high school and driving in October! Riley going into public school (he and I both are very excited about this one!) Me (hopefully) starting a new job! After June 30th I will never work in tv again and never see Channel 10 or ECISD again. SO WEIRD!!!! And it won't be long and it will be time to potty train Bryson! THAT ought to be interesting! So much to look forward too and I know God has great things planned for us! :)

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