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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Ours was pretty good, very uneventful, which is good I guess. We had big plans for church and several Easter egg hunts but then B decided to get sickly on Saturday night so all that was out the window. I am reminded every so often, what it is like to have a little one again. No plans can be set in stone, gotta be flexible! We did cook at the house and we did an Easter Egg hunt and it was fun. It took Bryson a while to figure it out but once he got the hang of it he liked it. He figured out real quick that if he threw the eggs they came open and candy came out so it became a big game for him. He was eating M&Ms off the floor all afternoon. Goofy kid! Riley still enjoys hunting eggs, which is nice and Kory helped hide them. We spent a lot of time together as a family this weekend and it was nice. I am so proud of my boys because they are so sweet together. I am in awe of how they get along so well. (yea, mark this down for me because I know it won't last forever!) But really, Kory plays with Riley and lets him win and helps him no matter how irritated Riley gets (his temper is not fun sometimes!) and he plays sooooooo sweet with the baby. Riley plays with the baby all the time too. They just all get along so well to have been so far apart in ages. I couldn't be more proud! Other than that, we are all good. Bryson's allergies are flared up again and coupled with cutting some BIG molars on top he is having a heck of a time but not too bad. Riley only has three more weeks left of school and Kory has five. I passed the test (don't want to brag, but I made a 94!) to attend school for my teacher certification and school starts May 6th and seriously we have something going on just almost non-stop until August! It is going to get crazy people! In the meantime I hope we get some MUCH NEEDED rain and I hope I can finish my bible study (Beth Moore) and just enjoy our lives. So far, so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya all!!!

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