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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Change Makes the World Go Round!

It has actually come to my attention that some people read this!!!!!!!!! Thanks! You love me, you really love me!(in cheesy Hollywood voice) Just kidding!I have so much to report. I really didn't write for a long time because I was busy, and then I was depressed. It is amazing what has gone on in my life in the past 2-3 years! So much change!!!!!!!!!!
pregnant with surprise baby three
Baby born and you all know that story (insert crazy year!)
Baby is thriving, doing great
Moving day
Husband takes new job
Decide to put Riley in public school
I get laid off
You read that right, I got laid off. March 1st they sat us down and said that as of June 30th they are unplugging the station and turning it off. I can't begin to describe the way that felt. I have essentially "grown up" here. I started here in high school (junior year) and have been here since. In that time I earned my bachelor's degree, got married, had three babies. This is my family! And that is what it has felt like, a death in the family. However the decision has been made that I am going to get my emergency teacher certification and be a teacher. It is actually something I have always thought about but I have been so comfortable in my position at my other job that I never pursued it. I am so excited and SCARED TO DEATH but I am ready for a challenge. The timing is great. Bryson is getting big and more independent, Kory will start driving in October (UGGGH) and Riley is going into public school, a school right across the street from our house. It is all falling into place and I know we are going to be great. God is good all the time! I also plan on working on that issue too. We haven't gone to church in so long because I have been so worried about Bryson getting sick, and honestly I have been in a slump, just not ready. Well I am ready. I really want to go back and I am excited about that. Enough about me! Sorry!
Bryson is doing soooo great! I wish I could post a video of him. He is such a big kid. I don't mean physically, honestly he is kind of tiny but I mean in spirit. He thinks he is BIG STUFF, and he is big stuff. I just can't get over this kid! I can't believe how far he has come. Each night when I bathe him I run my finger over his "zipper" on his chest and I tell him how brave he was and how proud I am of him. He is into so much stuff! We cannot keep up with him! He is terrorizing my cats too, which is actually kind of funny. He loves to wrestle with the boys. He is starting to talk. I think he will be on the bottle until he is four but I don't care honestly. Hey Suri Cruise can do it, why can't B. He is a bigger celebrity than her! :)
Riley is doing great, happy as a lark and ready for summer!
Kory is great too, driving a lot and having a good time. He is ready for summer too, I think!
Anyway, thanks for reading and stay tuned. It's getting exciting around these here parts! :)

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