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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sorry I have been away from the blog for so long. I tell you it has been a very stressful past few months. We officially got moved in. We even had our first party for Super Bowl. It was great! I love the house! It is so big and I just feel so welcome and warm there. I haven't had one night terror or sleep walking episode and I was so worried about feeling "creepy" but it is just a great place. Besides all the stress and trauma of moving, we have also, like everyone else, had SO MUCH BAD WEATHER! Out here in West Texas we are far from prepared for weather like we have had. It usually snows one day and is 75 the next day, but four days of that stuff! UGH! I, of course, did everything I could POSSIBLY do to prepare for our move and I tell you what, it has been one disaster after another. Not kidding! I will NEVER MOVE AGAIN! They can bury me in that house! And besides the drama of moving, weather and everything else, I have been having lots of issues at work. BUT, I have made the decision that work is work, it is a job and I have to quit taking it home.
Yesterday I was so upset and I came home for lunch and Bryson was running around the house in his pajamas, hiccuping with a basket on his head. I couldn't help but laugh! Then last night I took him with me to take a shower because everyone else was tied up and I had no idea but he was swishing Mark's toothbrush around in the toilet and then putting it in his mouth, over and over! OMG! This kid! He is handful! He has officially found out that we sleep in a bed at night that he was not invited to but he has now received his written invitation and is in our bed. I admit, this time, I didn't want this one in my bed. My kids slept with me ALL THE TIME. I have had a kid in my bed since 1994. I mean seriously! Mark, on the other hand, has strongly fought for Bryson and stated that he, of all the children, deserves to be in our bed. It is sweet though. And some of our best memories have been in the dark, all snuggled together, giggling.
Kory is always trying to put me in a better mood. He is so stinking funny! We went to Sears last night to get the money back on the treadmill that I bought there that got LOST, yea, I know, I don't get it either and Kory runs over to the tools with this sultry look, puts a grinder up to his shirt where is nipple is and says in his sexy voice, "what kind of tools do you sell here?" He is so funny!
Riley is getting better too. I only want to choke him about 25% of the time versus 50%. He is my challenge, in every way! And we haven't even gone through puberty yet!!!!!!
Anyway, waiting for more snow tomorrow and praying that there is a snow day, even though that means I have to drive to my work, in the snow, at five in the morning to run a crawler saying there is no school. Don't even get me started about that!!!
Before I go, remember, this week is congenital heart defect week. CHD is one of the leading causes of deaths in infants and happens to 1 in 100. PLease remember these children and help to raise awareness for CHD!

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